May 11, 2012

Oreo and PB Sundae (Plus Suri's Burn Book news...)

First.  The important news.  

The genius behind Suri's Burn Book has another blog.  She's real!  (I totally didn't think 6-year-old Suri Cruise had a blog...totally not at all.)

And THAT, friends, was the highlight of my week.

I hope you guys like me for me.  And not for my recipes.  Because this isn't even a recipe.  It's a process.  As in, every night, when looking for ice cream sundae inspiration, I take stock of the ingredients in my pantry.  (Yeah.  Every night.  You read that correctly.)

Moving on...

I've been dipping my Oreos in peanut butter since the 1998 version of The Parent Trap came out.  (You know, when Lindsay Lohan was still a human being?).  If you don't "get" this reference, it has to do with the Lindsay Lohan character eating Oreos dipped in PB.  I put a scoop of PB in a bowl, pour a glass of milk, and eat at least half a row of Oreos.  Don't fear for my health.  It's skim milk.

I started melting peanut butter into my ice cream a few weeks ago and crumbling a frozen Reeses' egg on top.  On this particular night, I pulled out the O-reos and used those instead the Reeses' egg.  (I did not use both toppings.  Though that's an idea...)

It filled the void in my Monday night.  May it do the same for you!

Oreo and Peanut Butter Sundae

3 scoops ice cream
3 T. peanut butter
4-5 crumbled Oreos (I actually used the mini ones here.)
Chocolate syrup/hot fudge/whipped cream, all optional

In a microwave safe bowl, melt the peanut butter.  Top with the ice cream and Oreos.  Swirl it around a bit, add your toppings, and eat while watching The Office re-runs*.

*Or whatever it is you watch on a Monday night


  1. i had not heard of those blogs. that is funny. and YUM!!!

  2. Ahhh, man. I'm actually kind of sad that Suri's ghostwritter has come out in the public. I like it being a mystery (my bff and I were 100% convinced that the author was a dude) Oh well... STILL HILARIOUS!!

    Happy Friday :-)

  3. I love the Lindsay Lohan Parent Trap movie! I have watched it back to back when it's been on tv, so I totally got the oreo/pb reference! And your sundae sounds amazing!

  4. I do like you for you because your entries usually make me smile and/or laugh. And I TOTALLY get your reference from The Parent Trap and just recently was discussing how much I love that movie. And how it does make me a little sad because that's when Lindsey Lohan wasn't a hot mess....


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