May 13, 2012

What I learned on this Mother's Day weekend...

...That being away from your mother (and grandmother and mother-in-law) for the third Mother's Day in a row kinda sucks. Luckily, my husband remembered before I did and ordered them flowers.  (Yes, from Afghanistan.  My laziness knows no bounds.)

...Though I couldn't claim a Mother's Day gift (Seriously, I almost asked.  I could do with another little blue box showing up on the doorstep), I did earn an award.

They misspelled "Congratulations" twice.  It was a group effort, as the signatures show.
In other news...
...I'll never get on a spin bike again.  I thought about going to spin on Friday morning and then decided I'd rather gouge my eyes out.  Or go through another Alaskan winter.  Whichever is more painful. (Probably the winter thing.)

...I need some new t.v. shows.  I read this article and realized that I watch NOTHING from the "Canceled" list and two shows from the "Renewed" list.  I can't believe half the garbage they're bringing back for next year. 

...I watched the first two episodes of Game of Thrones FOUR times.  That's how many times it took for me to understand what was going on.

...I read the first half of Fifty Shades of Grey, pretty much hated it, and wrote a Hollywood-worthy review.  That's Wednesday :)

...this meme can be interpreted two different ways.  I thought Sheldon was calling you an idiot for not knowing what kind of computer you have.  Scott thought it meant that Sheldon doesn't like Macs.  What do you think?

White computers are expensive computers

I cried laughter tears while reading this (and the other stuff on the site too).

Ron Swanson says to take care of yo' self


I want them.  And the cat too.  As long as the cat can take care of itself. 

Fo sho

...and that's why I don't have a dog

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  1. I took it to mean Sheldon was calling you an idiot for not knowing the type of computer you have and just saying what color it is. Also, I want that dog from the last picture! Those eyes!

  2. Haha. Dwight Schrute. I rewatched the episode where Jim pretends to be Dwight. It just made me so happy! "What kind of bear is best?"

  3. I can't wait to read your review of 50 Shades. I haven't started it yet but my friends and I are doing a pseudo book club on it. Love your Sunday post, as always Kristin!

  4. I agree with you. I think it's implying that saying what color of computer you have is not like saying the kind you have. Sort of like when people ask whtpat car you have. "A blue one." is not the answer people are looking for! :)

  5. Love these! The cat one is one of my favorites!

    Have you read the Game of Thrones books? I have them, just haven't read them yet but I'm pretty excited about them!


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