February 13, 2012

All About Me {Linking up!}

Oh, Monday.  You come too soon.

Today, Neely at A Complete Waste of Make-Up is hosting a blogger link-up.  If you're new here or just wanna know what I'm all about, here it goes....


I'm Kristin.

I have no idea what I'm looking at here.
I'm an Army wife of almost 3 years.  My husband and I moved to Alaska from Pennsylvania just one week after our wedding in 2009.  We've lived here ever since because this is where the Army told us to go.  One more year, folks.  Then it's off to a new adventure.  I'm actually really excited to embark on something fresh and new.

September 2009:  Rehearsal Dinner
I'm 26.  I'm a graduate of Penn State.  I'm an elementary school teacher, currently spending my days in fourth grade. 

I'm a Christian and in the last few years I've learned what an important role God is actually playing in my life.  I can really do nothing without Him.  Especially deployment.

Oh, yeah.  My husband is in Afghanistan.  Awesome, right?  Not.

The "beach" in Anchorage.  July 2011.
Ummm...no kids, no pets.  People think I'm weird odd lonely different because I don't have a dog.  Well, our rental doesn't allow one so essentially it's as simple as that.  However, I'm the first to admit that I'm not responsible enough for a pet.  I have trouble picking up clothes and doing the dishes.  No need to be responsible for an animal I would have to walk in the cold (because that's so not happening).  I tell everyone I'd rather have a baby than a dog because I can take a baby places with me.  So, someday...

Love List
Seeing new sights and places with my husband (we've done AK, CA, New England, driven from PA to AK, Missouri...next?  The South!  hopefully...)
Dunkin' Donuts
Lucky Brand purses
Penn State
Dresses and skirts
The Pittsburgh Steelers
Fall on the east coast
Middleswarth BBQ chips
Warm vacation spots
Trader Joe's
I should also probably put cookies/chocolate/ice cream on this list.  I cannot go a day without eating at least one of those food items.
Dexter/Mad Men/True Blood

*I'm apprehensive to put "running" on the Love List, but I must say, I'm starting to like it!*

Love-Not-So-Much List
Doing dishes, laundry, or other household tasks
Eating out
Chick flicks
Going to bed super-late
Starbucks (I've been successfully avoiding them for almost 4 months now)
Painting my toenails
Not being able to work out for more than a day or two
Alaska (C'mon, I had to! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know how I feel about this place.)

I'm-working-on-it List:
Six-pack abs
a 5K
reading the Bible in a year
trusting God
eating vegetables every day
not biting my nails

And that's all I've got for now!  I post lots of recipes...lots of "thoughts"...hence, the "food and thought" portion of my cozy little corner kNook of the internet.  (I'm partial to "k's".)
Thanks for stopping by!  The giveaway winner will be announced tomorrow!


  1. I loved this! And Im like 239408239048 years late to the game for not making this connection sooner, but did you find my blog through Ginna?

  2. New follower from the hop! Hope you come by and follow!! I love the lists!

  3. Hi Kristin! I'm so very glad you linked up with Neely because I found you! I, too, am an Army Wife (1 year in!) and my hubs is in Afghanistan, too. We're stationed in the "OCONUS" section of the US, too, but we're in Hawaii. I'm looking forward to reading your blog and seeing your thoughts on Alaska... I'm guessing it's not your favorite place ;-). Thanks for linking, again, and hope to read more soon!


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