February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats

Do you have big plans for Valentine's Day?

Um, yeah.  I don't.  Besides the fact that it's a Tuesday, my husband isn't here.  So yeah...

However, that doesn't mean treats cannot be made. 

So, what does any good blogger do when in search of holiday-themed treats?  Head to Pinterest, of course.

Are you making anything special for Valentine's Day??  My dessert of choice is usually of the chocolate variety, but, with a classroom party happening on Tuesday, I took the opportunity to make some unique treats that I wouldn't be tempted to eat all of!

These Strawberry Cake Mix cookies are just plain delicious and super-easy.  All store-bought ingredients, but they look like lots of time went into them.

This fudge was too unique for me to pass up.  It comes straight from Shelly at Cookies & Cups.  Such a cute little candy it is...

Finally, I made some sugar cookies and some Perfect Cream Cheese Frosting.  I dyed the frosting pink and swirled it onto the cookies.  Heavenly.  Cream cheese icing takes sugar cookies straight.to. the.next.level. 

I ate far too many of these.  And then I had to fill the frosting container with soapy water before I had a chance to lick it clean.  That's how good this frosting is.  
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  1. Ahh..they are fabulous!! Loved the pretty colour too :)
    If you are willing, you can share this recipe & other romantic recipes with my ongoing-''Valentine's Day Event''(till Feb 20th)

  2. All of those look so good. Pink and perfect! :)

  3. Wow those cookies have a lot of icing! And they look really good! They're made with cake mix? I'll have to try that! :)



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