February 14, 2012

Recipe Inspiration: Easy Dinners + A Winner

Many weeks, when I go to make my grocery list, I have no idea what I want to eat.  I have no one to ask, "What do you wanna eat for dinner this week?".  Heck, if I don't want to eat dinner, I don't have to.  I could eat Doritos every night.  (That's the approach I took last deployment.  The end result did not work out well for my jeans.)

However, I'm a creature of habit.  A creature of planners, lists, and schedules.  I keep a list taped to the cupboard of available dinner options.  I cross off meals as I make them, and add meals as I'm inspired.  I usually try something new two or three times a week (new blogging material is a must), but on weeknights when I'm tempted to not get off the couch?  Tried, true, and somewhat healthy food is a must.  Leftovers are a plus, because they can serve as lunch the next day.

These are some of my very favorites.  I admit it.  I cruise my own Recipe Index looking for ideas.  Sometimes I make something once, post it, and completely forget how awesome it was. 

Parmesan Potatoes
Zucchini Israeli (Pearl) Coucous  I usually add tomatoes.
Thai Peanut Noodles
Spinach Pesto I usually toss tomatoes into this too.
Veggie Enchiladas
Veggie Quesadillas
Veggie Pesto Pizza
Biscuit Puff Pizza
Tomato Basil Pizza

and, of course..

Healthy Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  My absolute, no matter what, go-to dinner.
If you try something from my go-to list, let me know how you like it!  Do you have a go-to meal that does not involve take out???
Say what you will about my ice cream/cookies every night habit.  I can't remember the last time we had take out.  Wait...I think we ordered a pizza in September...

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Kristen @Established 2008, who said:

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