June 1, 2010

The beginning of summer...

Summer appears to have come to Alaska. The constant daylight is nice, but can be kind of draining. I haven't seen the dark in weeks. Even if you go to bed at 1am (which we did on this lovely 4-day Army weekend), it's still light out. If you wake up at 5am (which we did not), it's light out. I'm not sure if and when the sun is actually going away. Of course, this is much, much better than seeing only a few hours of sun each day, as it was last winter.

I took a few pictures around the house and the yard today...Taking pictures on the inside may seem kind of silly on the sunny, warm first day of June, but lately I've been thinking that this place is finally starting to feel like a home. So I shall share it!

This lilac bush is my new favorite thing. I had no idea that's what I was pushing out of my way as I was cursing my way through shoveling snow all winter! It also matches my purple flowers in the boxes on the porch railing.

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  1. How long had you been in Alaska before you started your blog?


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