May 30, 2010


Scott and I decided to try climbing Mt. Baldy yesterday, which is a popular place to hike in Eagle River. It was really warm out, almost too warm, and the higher we went, the warmer it got! It used to be just the opposite. Climbing upward (what seemed to be vertical at times) was a challenge, but coming back down was a lot harder because there was loose gravel, rocks, and dirt everywhere.

The winding ribbon of highway leads to Anchorage, and you can see the ocean beyond that. The big white roof in the middle is Wal-mart and our house is somewhere right behind that.

Scott at the top.

The Chugiak area, which is north of Eagle River.

Me at the top.

Looking up at the top from 3/4 of the way up.

Wal-mart, again, is off to the left.
The town of Eagle River. That's the ocean in the background.

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