June 8, 2024

*Weekly* Recommendations, 6/7


Still recommending this Shark Air Purifier! It's a great deal on Amazon right now. I got ours at Costco.


Am very unsure how the summer is going to go when she spent the first HOUR we were at the splash pad like this. Wells loved it though so I do recommend splash pads as the best possible alternative to pools. So much more low maintenance. 

3. I ordered my teacher planner this year from 4 The Love of Pi. I recommend them. It's a quality product, you can customize the layout for how many periods you teach (I did 3, for example) and it's supporting a small business. The quality is at or better than Erin Condren. Not cheap, but I feel better about spending it on this company than EC. The ability to customize that layout did it for me. It's a genius idea. 

4. I finished this book last night at midnight. It was so good. I initially spent a lot of time disliking the main character but then I wasn't so sure because there are several big twists. I predicted one from the beginning-ish. One actually made my vision blur and I did a double-take. The third made me wonder what the heck was happening and this story could've gone on for a while and I would've happily kept reading it. I had to give it 5 stars. I read it on Kindle but I imagine it'd be interesting on audio. 


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