May 17, 2024

Friday Favorites, 5/17

LORD. It's Friday. Still have another week of school but you know.

Jett is going back to the doctor in 2 weeks to see if the medicine he's on has helped.

Scott has poison sumac.

Sutton has stopped sleeping again.

Wells is finishing up kindergarten.

I am ready to shut the book on this school year. 

Scout is Scout. 

We went for a nice hike on Mother's Day (not where the sumac came from) so it felt good to get out.

1. Schedule send. 

I have been schedule-sending my emails for work. I am constantly like, I should answer this or send that and then it's like nope, I'm not going to do that on a weekend. I'm not going to make someone think I expect a reply on a weekend or at night. Or...I don't want people to think I'm willing to work at night or whatever. However...sometimes you've got to get this stuff out of your brain and your inbox while you're remembering to do it.

So, after 4pm or so, I just schedule send the email for the next morning. 

2. I spent a lot of time watching roller coaster videos this week. I came across one article and then I went to youtube and fell down a rabbit hole. It started with seeing how they apparently closed a brand new roller coaster at Cedar Point after less than a week of it being open. This ride was to replace another ride where a woman was injured and permanently disabled and her family won a lawsuit. 

So then I obviously had to watch all the vlogs about people riding this roller coaster they just shut down and talking about how amazing it is. Anyway, I do not do roller coasters. Just watching the videos made me sick. 

This makes me think that we have to go to Silver Dollar City this year. Two hours seems like a long time to drive to go to an amusement park. I grew up driving maybe 40 minutes to an amusement park. But we also would drive 3 hours to Hershey or to Kennywood or wherever often as well. It just seems like a lot with small kids right now. 

3. I saw this last night on my Facebook feed and remembered that it took me until Sutton was 6 months old to realize we'd accidentally named her after a town in Alaska:

4. Speaking of things found on the Facebooks:

But I was reliably informed by Twitter that This Guy is a Horrible Person. And apparently women don't want to get married or have kids unless they may by chance want to and career is first and I really hope all the feminist fans leave the Chiefs fandom cult that they only joined because of Taylor Swift. 

What a conundrum. Maybe You Need to Calm Down.

To all the random working moms who piped up with an opinion: I promise no one cares if you work for a nonprofit doing "important" work and you put your kids in daycare. Your job isn't that important (*my* job isn't that important). You're a Chiefs fan too? Isn't this kicker like the winningest in the NFL right now? Sure, get rid of him. No one has said a word from the Chiefs organization because they know they won't get rid of him. And if they do, everyone (but the Chiefs) will win.

A religious man says religious things at a private religious college graduation and suburban moms are offended. That should be the title of this controversy. 

I'm not Catholic but Benedictine College in Kansas is now on the list of places where my kids are allowed to go. 

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