March 9, 2024

Friday favorites, 3/8

i.e. Things that make my life easier. Also, now it's Saturday. 

1. Walmart grocery pickup. 

I go twice a week. It saves my life. And I always go directly after school. I don't waste time on the weekends. I usually go on Thursday or Friday afternoon, so then I can start my Saturday without worrying about groceries.

*fun fact: I thought I ordered the groceries yesterday at 6am. I never clicked "place order". So I am picking up my groceries on Saturday morning now :)

We are also in a phase of toddlerhood where there is a real chance of full-scale nuclear disaster if we run out of bananas or milk or yogurt. So not only do I pick up groceries twice a week, but I ask Scott often to stop at the store. 

2. e.l.f. toner. I've been wanting to talk about this. I've used it for a month and a half now. Cannot recommend it enough. I miss my old Rodan and Fields toner, so I had tried a Beauty Counter toner and it was okay. I have a giant bottle of it but it's more for summer, I think. It doesn't give that matte effect that the e.l.f. one does. For $9(!), this is the best thing I've bought in awhile. 

3. Dinnerly. Well, here's my endorsement: we've had 3 Dinnerly boxes over the last 5 weeks or so and I truly recommend them. It's hard to put a price on knowing I have the ingredients for multiple meals already in the fridge. Especially because, if you go back to my original review, we don't eat out, like ever. 

4. I'm convinced that we have some of the best people on the planet taking care of Sutton every day. I tell them all, often, that they get the best version of Sutton. She saves the meltdowns for home (when we run out of bananas).

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