February 16, 2024

Stuff and things that bother me.

I have been sick all week. Like head cold, barely-functioning, not sleeping because of numerous reasons and just on autopilot trying to make it through the week. Also, when I'm sick, I do not like to be touched (by human or dog). So it's working out great for my family as you can imagine.  No fever so I kept going to work. Not really medicating because I've learned I get super anxious when I take cold/cough medicine at this phase of life. 

I do my grocery shopping almost exclusively by pick-up order because it's the least energy-extensive option. But this is the email chain I get for every order. This is insane. 90% of my unread emails are from Walmart, I'm sure. I also have thousands of emails in my inboxes because I never delete anything. I'm that person.

I'm baffled by how much I'm bothered by the Chiefs winning the Superbowl. I don't know why I care. We lived right outside of KC in 2021 and I wasn't bothered by the Chiefs love. And last year, when they won (which I don't even remember happening), I didn't care. Something about *this* year annoys me. My only solace is in the Lord and knowing that the arrogance of Holmes and Kelce will be dealt with is that no one ever remembers who even won the Superbowl by March. I immediately forget almost every year. Here's to August 10th. 

Going anywhere after school, ever, bothers me. I had to bribe them with Pringles to run errands last Tuesday. 

Which involved running to a florist to buy flowers for the guidance counselor and somehow getting this to school safely while dealing with ^^

We stopped at the post office this week and then to get gas and Wells told me he was actually going to starve "for real" if we didn't get home immediately. 

Sutton is still not sleeping so I set up pack and play next to our bed thinking it'd be an option to plop her down in the middle of the night (didn't work), but I did use it for all of the clean laundry last weekend. I immediately envisioned a habit forming, folded and put away everything, and put away the pack and play.

This is the least effort I've ever put into Valentines: 

No picture of Sutton with her box because by this point on 2/14, she'd already thrown up her dinner and refused to get in the bathtub. 

Wells did make the sweetest little card, Then his teacher told me he needed to "do his reading" each night and I'm like "well that's my fault" because refer back to the beginning of this post. 

And my number one complaint:

Stitchfix loves to show ads with the best outfits ever. And there's no way to get to the outfit. It just takes you to the SF site to sign up for a box. It doesn't matter how much I'd pay for this. I can't find it. 

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