January 9, 2024

Tuesday things. 1/9

1. Figuring out that I can't do Friday posts because I'm ready to collapse by Thursday and can barely get it together by Saturday so I tried on Sunday and lost motivation pretty quickly. Yesterday was Prime Purchases, so here we are: Friday things on a Tuesday. I actually went to bed on Thursday wondering if it were possible for me to make it through the day on Friday. 

On Saturday we had a semi-formal army function so I had to also spend the morning getting the house ready for a babysitter (we are still unpacking from traveling) and getting ready to go to that.  

I do wonder: if Sutton would just *sleep*, or if neither of them would *whine* from 3:30pm-5pm, maybe I would feel like I was doing more than treading water? My biggest what-the-heck gripe is that Sutton will get a second wind from 6:30-8:00pm in which she will play with every toy she can find, quietly and independently in a way I didn't know was possible. If I would ask that of her any of waking hour of the day (you know, while I'm trying to get ready for work or make dinner), she screams and cries and yells "Up!". 

I may slowly just be going insane. 

I'm keeping up with blogging because it's important to me. I'm meal-planning and cooking because it's important (and necessary) to me. I'm barely exercising. I'm working on decluttering, and the piles to donate and give away are growing. And I'm also spending evenings watching Jack Ryan and the NFL (because it's important to me). I leave all my school stuff at school because there's not enough time to work on things at home and also be a person. I think next year will be easier because I'll have it scoped and sequenced to my liking. 

2. I think I've slowly replaced lots of my wardrobe with CJLA at this point. I didn't mean to, but it's just so easy to grab a few pieces here and there. They do all kinds of sales and deals and many of their clothes are made in America. 

This Paige dress was $27 back in August because it's a winter look/material for sure. I am seriously lamenting that I didn't know about this brand when I was pregnant two years ago. Their clothes look/fit so well. Sure, this is super loose and baggy but it still looks styled. 

And this kimono is fantastic. They are so light that they complete any outfit.

All this to say that I've completely given up the fast fashion. I'm not even tempted to look at Old Navy, etc. I've never had luck with ON clothes so when I see the influencers peddling it, I'm confused. Yeah, that sweater looks great in the fitting room. Get back to me after you wash it. 

3. Speaking of fashion, I resolved not to buy anything in 2024 yet because I don't need anything (except maybe a pair of chelsea boots?) but then Scott hit me with the bombshell of "can you get a babysitter and a dress for Saturday?" ...on Wednesday morning. 

(those crazy eyes explain exactly how I felt trying to organize this)

I next-day-shipped 3 dresses from LOFT. Because we live in the middle of nowhere, they arrived in two days :) It didn't need to be something fancy but I wear very few stand-alone dresses to school in the winter that aren't geared toward comfort. These all had a bit of something to them. 

One fit and worked just fine. My go-to is always a drop-waist with a flouncy skirt. I got a small and this was true to size. I might try on one of the others to keep but I think the third is going back. 

So I made it exactly 3 days into the new year and was forced to buy new clothes (from my phone, while attempting to cook dinner, while kids whined about something, only after I'd secured a babysitter).

4. I spent my entire weekend listening to Bone Valley and I have no regrets, Someone said somewhere that they barely watch TV because they can't do other things while watching TV. This is exactly why I would choose a podcast over almost everything else. 

Anyway. This is a MUST LISTEN. Trust me. 

5. Cast iron pizza is a must as well. I make pizza almost every Sunday night because it's predictable and easy. My least favorite part is the rolling and mess so cast iron pans eliminate that. 

Anyway, this post brought to you by the fact that we have a snow day today because it rained wet snow yesterday and supposedly will snow some more today. I do love the overreaction of Missouri in the winter when it benefits me. These people will function normally when it's 105* with a real-feel of 120* but this cancels everything:

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