January 21, 2024

Friday things on a Sunday.

1. An actual sheet of ice on the inside of our window. 

2. This Friday on a Sunday post brought to you by body aches and chills, a sore throat, Sutton not sleeping all week, and a dog having a panic attack in the middle of the night. It's been not great between the hours of 4pm and 6am here. Also cold. Very cold.

3. I had my first DNF book of the year. This year, I'm keeping track of my books on the grid and I'm also going to have some fun and post my did-not-finish books there. I love reading reviews when people didn't like a book. It's a pasttime of mine, reading one-star reviews on Goodreads. 

4, I placed my first Temu order today. I've been avoiding that but I think the algorithm found me and I found some cute decorations for Sutton's birthday and I can't pass them up. Super cheap, which is fine for something I'll use once, and then I got Valentine's treats for school. They had a more unique selection than Amazon or the dreaded Walmart. 

5. I finished watching Jack Ryan on Thursday night and I finished watching Jack Reacher on Saturday night and now I don't know what to do. 

6. I refuse to buy books but I have nothing to read right now and it's bothering me. I have like 12 books on hold and nothing is calling to me from the cheaper kindle books (you see how I can very easily DNF a book so I don't like to buy them). 

7. The only clothing photos I took this week were at 6:45am and there's no light and (usually) a crying child in the background. I'll spare you. 

8. This is the best thing I've read, maybe ever, when it comes to education. 

9. I'm on a Facebook and Twitter fast and it feels GREAT to be off of Facebook. Of course, this means I waste all my time on Instagram :) 
I was thinking if I could get only politics on Twitter (sorry, X), I'd be okay with it. Teacher twitter is awful and so is homemaking twitter. Is there a way to curate my feed? 


no one actually posts on threads, right?

the best thing ever is that chrome "restores tabs" after restarting

literally not uncommon on my work computer, and this is just one window:

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