November 17, 2023

PTL for Thanksgiving break. Here's some memes.

1. I ordered our Christmas cards and some picture prints from Snapfish this week. Last year, I had great success with Walmart but I was trying to do some cropping and editing and realized the options for those features just aren't there, so I went to Snapfish this year. 

2. In addition, I'm thinking of writing a good old-fashioned Christmas letter to send with them. 

3. We have a whole week off for Thanksgiving, praise the Lord. 

4. If you need a show to binge and haven't gotten to it, I watched Reacher this week. So good! Action-packed police drama. It came out in 2022 so I'm behind, and chances are most of you have seen it. Apparently there's a second season coming soon. 

5. Things are going great at the library:

I'm sure I'll be reading these real soon.

6. I ordered a new cleanser from BeautyCounter. I've had this one before and liked it. It's on sale now so I'd snatch it up. It has the cleansing beads. I also splurged on the all over acne treatment because regular moisturizers aren't doing me any favors right now. I really like it. It makes me feel like I'm cleaning and treating my skin without harsh products or oily formulas. Again, also on sale.

7. I was looking for a particular picture on my blog and I never found it, but I did get to read a bunch of old posts in my fruitless search. This post has some of the greatest memes. You should go check it out. 

idk guys. I think Thanksgiving food is the worst genre of food. l love the way it smells when cooking but other than that...

I tried to read the rules to a phonics game I found on TPT for a small group. I could not understand them. I threw the game away. I will never use it. 

100% me. 

LOL. I could make a 3-course dinner every night if given the resource of time-without-a-toddler-clinging-or-screaming. 

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