November 6, 2023

Amazon lately...

This is just a photo, really, of a crazy-bright phone case.

I buy phone cases when I'm stressed. I felt like something obnoxiously bright. I like cases that *aren't* liquid silicone because everything sticks to the liquid silicone. This one isn't quite plastic but it's pretty solid. It's less sticky than the one I had. This is the best phone case I've had, in terms of material, but they only make it for iPhone 11. I can't remember if I mentioned it here: the super expensive cases like Loopy and Casely don't have camera protection. The cheaper Amazon cases do! Anyway, my screen protector was kind of messed up and this case came with a screen protector, so win-win-win. 

I put two books into the cart over the weekend: I Survived the Wellington Avalanche and First Light. I was looking for something wintery and high-interest for read-aloud books. I've never read the I Survived one and had never heard of this avalanche. And First Light is a book I have on Kindle that I read to my 4th graders almost 10 years ago. I loved it. They enjoyed it. I thought it fit the bill for wintery and high-interest. I didn't have it so I got it. I am really (I could write 738 blogs posts about this topic) learning a lot about reading and reading instruction and how kids are supposed to be exposed to books grade levels above where their own reading ability is. These should work for December, January, etc. 

Speaking of teaching: if case you're wondering what supplies your child's teacher likely has to purchase on their own, it's construction paper and sheet protectors and watercolor sets and paint brushes and watercolor paper

Lots of baby socks. And anti-slip socks. She has outgrown all her ruffled socks. I got some fancy ones because I don't care. She's a little girl. She can and should wear ruffled socks. Plus socks for Wells. A lot of those are going into Christmas stockings. 

Wine bottle stoppers. I had one (1) and it's completely lost. The other day I asked Scott to stop at the store for bananas and wine. The bananas are because we got through like 12 a week with Sutton so we have to make a separate stop for more bananas each week. And the wine because it had been a day/week/month. It was kind of funny because I knew I sent him the text but then later he was like "well that was kind of early to be asking for wine" and I checked the text and it was 8:22am when I sent it. (For the record, I was in a two-day meeting when I sent that, not with actual children.) 

Anyway, he bought sparkling wine that was corked which means we needed a stopper and had no stopper. I decided that I needed to stop thinking "oh we do need a wine bottle stopper" and just order two of them for $3 and my problem was then solved for next time around. 

Shampoo/conditioner. I got my hair cut last week and she told me it was dry. 99% sure she was just trying to sell me something but I also had two days of leftover product in it at that point (styling cream and dry conditioner). Anyway, I got these and I like them. I don't know about you, but I always get super overwhelmed in the hair care aisles. So much of it is bad for you, so much of it is bad for your hair, and so much of it is just scent-heavy. This is a worth a try if you're looking for something new and need ("need") more moisture. 

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