October 22, 2023

Another week, another sickness

 (This time it was me.)

As I type this, I'm up way too early for a Sunday because Sutton had woken me up and she's not quitting with this. Her "sleep" "regression" is going from 16 months to 20 months at this point. She's 19 months now and the span is just increasing. She's more stubborn than her brother, which I didn't think was possible. (I can also hear her yelling at him right now and he's yelling back that "what?! I didn't even do anything!". They need to sort this out on their own.) 

It's funny because I've known a few families over the years who told me how crazy their second-born, a girl, was compared to their first-born, a boy, and I always thought that was funny. Now, I see what they meant. 

Anyway, last Friday I started feeling awful but I mustered through the day and then by Saturday morning, I had body aches. Like, awful body aches and chills and I couldn't function without 800 mg of motrin in my system. I did nothing on Saturday and Sunday wasn't much better. I had no fever and I didn't feel hot, but I felt like I had the flu. 

By Monday, it'd started to turn into a cold but it was just constant aching and pain, like headaches. So I took lots of painkillers, lots of nasal spray, lots of allergy medicine....I think the change in weather where it went from 80s to 50s in the span of two days had a lot to do with the pressure in my head. 

By Friday, a whole week later, I was feeling better. Of course, I went to work and did the best I could. I had a really solid week, I felt, of instruction in the classroom. Getting up and getting out the door gracefully is another story. 

Unfortunately, both kids have a cough now (no fever, no vomit = as good as fine in my book) and Scott is sick. I think he had what I had last week. 

If you google, "body aches, no fever", you get c*vid so...there's that. Also "stress" and "dehydration" and they recommend magnesium. Which is funny because I've had enough magnesium to last multiple people multiple lifetimes but I guess it doesn't exactly stay in your system over the long run. (my magnesium toxicity was 9 or greater two years ago...their measurement/chart stops at 9 so we don't actually know how high it was.) Needless to say, I've been hesitant to take magnesium again but I picked up some Calm gummies anyway. It funny to me that the recommendation to everyone for everything right now is mAgNeSiUm and the whole idea just makes me shudder. 

And now we're back into the 80s again with the temperature. In an effort to protect my sanity, I try to stay home on the weekends and that's easy to do when you don't feel great and it's one million degrees outside in October. 

Actual footage of me when someone says it was the perfect fall day for trunk-or-treating and it was 80+ degrees outside:

Yesterday, though, I had a few errands to run so I took Sutton and we went for a trail walk. I was dying by the end after pushing the stroller. But I needed the vitamin D and the exercise for sure. I had just settled on a new workout plan (15 minutes a day is the goal) when I got sick last week. Onto this week...may we stay fever-free. 

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