July 21, 2023

Friday Things, 7/21

+ Thanks to anyone who read my Target post from Wednesday! You don't need to comment, you don't need to agree, you don't need to boycott anything; I legitimately just want you to know what's been happening.  I don't really care what you do in terms of where/how you spend your money, but it's worth knowing how your money is being used. I stopped doing random Target runs a few years ago..no one needs Target candles, you know?...but the clothes and diapers and shoes were products that I relied on until recently. 

+Honestly, our house has looked like this the past few weeks. Me, blocking access because Scott is working on things. Toys and books and activities everywhere to keep them occupied while he's working. 

+A friend came to visit this week. Since Scott came home early so she and I could go out for dinner, I also managed to squeeze in a pedicure. This time I did not get gel. I love the look and the last but I hate that I can't take it off myself. 

+One thing I want to remember about Wells at age five is that he loves to make himself a fruit salad for lunch. I also want to remember how he calls Sutton "Schutton" because he really emphasizes the S. Especially when he's scolding her for something. 

+Those Target shoes again. Carly Jean Los Angeles top and Stitchfix shorts (Market Spruce brand). CJLA is one of those brands I've slowly started to use to replace Target. You can feel really good about shopping there. I do usually just shop the sales. You also pay for quality, I guess. 

+It's so, so easy to give Wells baby plates and bowls and whatever when I feed them together. While he's been capable of using adult table tools for awhile, I am making a conscious effort to use real plates and big silverware when he eats these days. 
This pizza mac and cheese was really good but the leftovers were not. I recommend day one eating only. 

+This was *after* church and I do indeed look like I just fought a battle (i.e. I mostly sat in the nursery with a clingy baby). 
Universal Thread dress from 2019 still holds up. My favorite A New Day flats going strong after two full school years (see what I mean about really liking Target clothes and shoes? this isn't easy) and a CJLA kimono. I'm going to get the kimono in long sleeve too this fall. They have so many colors. 

 +Okay, I got this from Herschel and it's practically perfect in every way. I got the sale price on this color ($120?). The other colors aren't as cheap. It's called Thyme but it's definitely close to an olive green. I really liked the teal color but didn't want to pay full price. 

+Man, I haven't done this forever...


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