July 3, 2023

Amazon lately...

Bentgo Chill Boxes. These are great for going from place to place without having a diaper bag full of food. I haven't used them for school lunches yet but we'll see how they do. 

Sonic t-shirt. While Wells likes Pokemon and wants that for his birthday theme this month, he also loves Sonic so I thought he'd like this. 

Birthday gift: Pokemon Legos

My favorite face wash is this brand. I used to be able to find it at Walmart in Kansas but now the only place I can locate it is Amazon. The bottles are huge and last forever. Great for sensitive skin. 

Sutton was still wearing her 6-9 month rash guard top last month and that wasn't going to work anymore. I ordered this one from. the. side. of. the. splash pad. It's great for her. 

For reference, this is the one from last summer and it was adorable. 

The swim vest that Wells is using this summer and hopefully Sutton will move into next summer:

I'm always looking for a sunscreen that won't make me break out. This is amazing, albeit expensive. My go-to used to be this one but I feel like I can't justify the cost. 
FWIW, I bought a "1 pack" of the Supergoop. I can't seem to find it on the site now. 

I also ordered a few things for my classroom but I'll leave those for a back-to-school round-up next month. I posted a few in June already!

Scott ordered a smattering of hunting and car products. It's a long list because, I swear, Amazon is just wear we shop these days but I'm assuming ("assuming") you don't need shooting glasses.  It's a niche product. 

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