May 12, 2023

Friday Things, 5/12

This week has gotten away from me with a coughing, croupy baby (no fever) and now a coughing preschooler*. It has rained most days so I'm glad I got in my one singular walk on Monday.  

Good thing we're going to the zoo today in the rain for a field trip. It will take all I have not to just drive to Target and/or Mardel's since I'm going that far anyway, but I feel like that may be a disaster with two small children. 

*No fever and he looks okay so an outdoor field trip looks like it has to happen. This has been on the schedule for 2 months at this point. 

She won't wear a hat. I'm rigging up an area to move this into the shade. 

We are dog-sitting. I initially thought this guy was a mix, but he's a purebred dachshund. He blends into the floor and into the yard when there's dirt, mulch, or leaves in the background. 

These are the books on my nightstand.

These are the books on my Kindle. 

Wells had a pretend birthday at school this week. One more week of preschool. 

Picking out paint for bedrooms.

She eats a peanut butter sandwich for dinner most nights. That's okay, right? 

Wells' job is to unload the dishwasher and he likes to build towers and I'm sure this is a terrible idea. 

This is sparkling water. It's very expensive and not worth the price but it's interesting. It comes out to like 1.30 a can. 

News! from Monday.

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