April 21, 2023

Friday Things. 4/21

1. These tanks from Carly Jean Los Angles are 50% off this week. They are a really soft, swingy material. 

Totally recommend. 

I just went to check my closet and the one I have is a small and I'd say they're 100% true to size. It's swingy but for more room, I'd probably grab a medium. All of CJLA's clothes are so flattering and they're extremely well-made. 

This time I got the tea leaf color in medium and the charcoal in a small. 

Usually I would have relied on Old Navy for these types of basics but I truly haven't found anything worth buying style-wise at Old Navy in about two years. I like their baby clothes but I've found that their toddler/kid clothes don't hold up at all. 

2. "Uncle Jamie" came to visit for a few days and Wells was in heaven. He also kept Sutton busy at soccer practice so I could play with Wells. There were lots of tears from poor Wells when Jamie (he's Scott's friend) left Thursday. 

And poor Sutton tried to climb the Paw Patrol City Lookout Tower (should I put an affiliate link here? lol) and smashed up the side of her face. 


Sutton does not tolerate the outdoors, and keeps as many limbs as possible off the ground. Or rather, she tolerates the outdoors about as well as I'd assume any child of mine might. 

4. Scott got his brick oven up and functioning. He built it this past winter. While I am a deep-dish fan, he is a brick oven fanatic. It was good pizza for sure. I made the dough, using this recipe and he makes me weigh the ingredients instead of just measuring them. 

5. I got my $25 refund check in the mail from the city yesterday. I'd post a picture but there's too much to edit out for towns/addresses. I'm just relieved I can cross "stop at city hall" off of my to-do list for next week. 

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