March 10, 2023

Friday things. 3/10

+I had grander plans than doing nothing this week but I got hit with a stomach bug like Monday-ish and it's been not great. On a scale of 1 to Norovirus, it's been like a 3. However, just enough to throw any plans I had out the window. Which means everything on my to-do list for the last 5 days has gotten pushed  

+I watched Daisy Jones and the Six on Amazon. I disliked the book. It was so disjointed and hard to follow. I cared for no one and the story was boring. The show is much better. Because, like the tricky marketer TJR has turned herself into, this was written for the Reese Witherspoon screen option. I still find Daisy completely unlikeable. The story is, at least, able to be followed on the screen (compared to the book). 

+Scott has been really into The Last of Us and I am normally a no-go on the apocalyptic shows. I can't do it. However, I find myself pulled in. One more episode this weekend to end the first season. 

+Speaking of apocalyptic shows, Station Eleven the show is almost as bad as Station Eleven the book. Don't bother watching past the first episode because the first episode was pretty interesting and it gave me hope. Nope.

+Playing at the dentist office. Working on that immune system. I had to deal with a billing issue and would rather take an 11 month old to a waiting room for an hour than make a phone call. 

+Been super into his kinetic sand again lately. He can only play with it during the baby's naptimes because it Becomes A Thing if she is awake and sees it.

+Regarding the apocalypse, Wells is into drawing zombies. Fantastic. 

It's also kind of cute? I don't know. Maybe not. Wells' favorite show right now is Jake and the Neverland Pirates and his favorite movie is Wreck-It Ralph and Scott turns on the movie for him every morning before he leaves for PT. (Wells gets up around 5am in case you've not been around the last 4 years :)

+Some of the best of Pinterest lately: 

Our culture is completely deserving of nothing these days and you can't change my mind on this. 

This jacket from Athleta. So much better quality than *that thing I found on Amazon*. I got a medium. 

I'm hoping the leather sneakers (okay, "leather-look" sneakers) elevate the soft pants. I am just truly in a season of soft pants and I've accepted it.

Okay, one more zombie picture because someone took a break from Wreck-It Ralph to wander over and see what I was doing and he saw his pictures on my screen. 

Hoping for a more healthful and productive weekend!

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