February 1, 2023

{Currently} in February.

Loving: I ordered these for Sutton and I want a pair for myself. Wells had crib sneakers that he more or less learned to walk in and I kept them. They were like $10 from Old Navy and he literally wore holes in the bottom. These baby Keds have a more solid rubber sole so I'm hoping they'll work this spring/summer. 

I could look at baby shoes all day long. I have my eye on more Mary Janes...

I cropped out the prices on this because ain't nobody need to see how much baby Mary Janes cost from Stride Rite. 

Meanwhile, I haven't bought myself a pair of shoes since...last February? That can't be right...?

Feeling: Like the last year has gone really really (really) fast. Like, flew by. I don't even remember chunks of it. I have much more clear memories of Wells' baby days. I'm working on Sutton's baby book since I just bought it two weeks ago.

This is what I mean by the last year flying by: I can't even remember if I bought myself shoes since last February.

Posting: I posted my January books the other day...I meant to add that I'm doing The Bible Recap and I wanted to throw in the updates of where I am in the Bible each month. Totally forgot on Monday. Following the plan, I'm through Genesis, Job, and into Exodus. I bought this Quiet Time Companion originally as a gift and ended up keeping it. Decided to put it to use, I suppose. I'm trying. It's a process and a habit I'm working on. I mentioned that I almost never get up before my children. So...total work in progress here. 

Receiving: My cousin sent me a box of Jeni's ice cream for my birthday. I still have one container in the fridge but I can hands down say this birthday cake ice cream is the best I've ever had.

Seeing: Wells pulls out this elephant out of the baby's room every once in awhile. He pretends to hunt it.. tackling and then eating it. He left it on the couch and Jett went to sleep with him. 

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