January 6, 2023

Friday things 1/6

Ohmygosh, I can't believe it's already Friday night. I didn't even get any posts written this week. I don't even know why? I have a Currently post half-written. Accomplishments abound here.

Let's see what I can find...

The next time my parents send Wells a "dig for the dino" type egg, I'm saving it for his next trip to Pennsylvania. 

Enjoying some independence

Lucky Brand sweater (I got a medium) and Target jeans. I'm going to fray the bottoms of these. I really wanted frayed ones but couldn't find any. They were super cheap and are very comfy so they'll be good for that. 

New hat from aunt and uncle


I am simultaneously listening to A Year in the Bible by The Daily Grace and The Bible Recap by Tara-Leigh Cobble. 
Are you doing a reading plan this year? 

Book #1 for the year

I told myself I wasn't going to buy a bunch of random cups for her but I want her to drink more water independently so here we are. 

Wells likes to ask for everyone's names to be written on his board so he can write them too. This time, he asked for Scout's middle name. Scout doesn't have a middle name but his registered name is Cross Creek Scout so...

I put together Sutton's shadowbox. The hat is the one she wore home from the hospital. The bow was put onto her hospital hat by the nurse who took care of her. She would put them on the hats of the girl babies. 

I recommend, if you want to exasperate yourself, teach a 4 year old to play checkers and expect him to remember the rules from minute to minute. (he's getting better and he prefers a game of checkers now in exchange for a book before bed)

We have not shared toothpaste in at least 10 years.

Kids having water bottles in school was the beginning of the end.

Speaking of, I'm super into Yellowstone right now. Only on season 2 but man...


  1. The fall asleep during the movie meme is quite relatable for Tom. He just doesn't understand "teacher tired". Ok, I am still workshopping this but I said, "Every time a student drops a Hydroflask metal water bottle on the floor, a teacher gains her wings". It is unbelievably loud and shocking every.single,time. At least most don't ask to go to the water fountain anymore.
    That hat is too cute with Sutton's name on it.
    Is that the Lucky sweater from Costco? So soft. I feel like I have to wear a cami underneath if I wear it to school. It also have pilled pretty badly, but I love it.

  2. It IS from Costco. I have only washed it once, and the instructions say wash inside out. I didn't dry it either. Hoping for the best.


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