November 11, 2022

Friday things, 11/11

1. I swear, I'm not going to know what to do with a girl when Sutton gets bigger. Wells spent a lot of time running up to me yesterday saying There's a diaper on my head. Punch me. Punch me in the stomach. No, no. Punch me in the eyeball. When I touch your arm there's going to be a booby trap and you're gonna punch me. Okay? OKAY?

Meanwhile. The baby was sitting on the floor, silently with her hands in her lap, watching Blippi. 

In other news, Wells' preschool schedule is slowly and painfully wearing me down. I don't know why this is so hard. Basically, he goes for 3 hours, 5 days a week. It's the only time I have to "myself" (meaning, just a baby) so I can walk outside and grocery shop and go to appointments or run errands minus a 4 year old. But it requires me being up and out of the house with two kids (and sometimes two dogs) by 8am and that is hard. I'm a morning person. After being out and about for half the day, I shut down in the afternoons and usually take a nap if the baby naps. Then it's time to make dinner. So...

This is just my long-form excuse for why I don't blog much these days. I almost exclusively write blog posts before noon so... Sleep and exercise outside are always winning over everything else right now. 


2.  I really like this sweater from J.Crew. I'd probably go with a medium?

And this dress from Loft is everywhere on my social media feeds now because I can't stop looking at it and clicking on it. Looks oversized so I'd probably get a small. 

Okay, this is embarrassing. (Scott thought it was sad)
These are the BEST socks. I buy a pack from Costco every year. Last year, I went all out and bought two packs. I realized I didn't quite need 20 pairs of athletic socks so I stashed one pack in a bottom drawer last November. I pulled it out this week and thought "what a nice little treat. new socks"

3. Christmas trees: Real or artificial? We will be here for Christmas, so I broke down and bought a tree. A friend reminded me that Michael's was having their yearly sale on trees. 50% for the entire month of November. Totally worth it. I got this one because it looks more like "decor" than just "Christmas" and I'll likely leave it up for all of January because that's the type of person I am. If you followed me way back in the day, I took down our tree in Alaska in March once. 

just plugging it in to make sure it worked

The tree I got is actually sold out right now so I'm assuming that means I made a good choice. 


A stylist told me once that she uses dry shampoo after she washes her hair and dries it to "dirty it up". That should tell you something. 


  1. I got the J crew shirt and felt it was a little short so definitely recommend a medium if you are normally a small.

  2. It's not embarrassing bc I agree those socks are the best as it's all I own too! I'm slowly weeding out the other ones.

  3. That j crew shirt is so cute. I am artificial tree all the way. I love putting it up in November and leaving the lights on the entire day on the weekends when we are that is more conducive for it. I got a similar tree from Michael's in 2020 for our sitting area off our kitchen and it is holding up well.


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