November 21, 2022

8 Months of Sutton.

Sutton turned 8 months on Friday the 18th and I'm writing (er, starting) this post today, the 21st. Such is life with number two, I suppose. 

The 7 to 8 month stretch involved a lot of congestion and coughing and a lot of stubbornness over sleep. She was starting to roll around everywhere, and had no patience for being stuck in her crib. 

I think there's an element of separation anxiety there since I'm her, basically, only caregiver. But even when I'd pick her up, she'd stick her feet out and try to push off. She just wanted o-u-t of her room. 

After a particularly bad night, I caved and bought a sleep training course. The method worked in two nights and I meant to keep it up but we're out of town now so it's really hard to enforce when there's other people in the house trying to sleep. All that to say: it's a work in progress. The 8 month sleep regression hit and I'm trying to get her through it. 

Big things:

She's got 4 teeth. 

She figured out a nap schedule, more or less. She 100% consolidated nighttime sleep before daytime sleep, which I didn't believe could happen because Wells was a napper, not a night-sleeper. 

Sutton is eating pretty much whatever. I hand her pieces of what I make for us, and she eats a puree maybe once a day. She still loves her bottles. She's on a combination of Enfamil and Kendamil. She's a big fan of teething biscuits/crackers, puffs, regular crackers, tortillas, and toast. 

She's not crawling yet but is sliding herself backwards everywhere and into everything. 

She's steady enough to make the leap into the regular bathtub instead of the baby tub. 

She spent her 8 month birthday driving across the country so we could be in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Poor thing. But she's getting to experience new places and meet new people. Wells was just a few months old when he started traveling around so she's definitely out of her comfort zone. She's done very well, and is even sleeping great in a pack-n-play...she had never been in one before I needed her to sleep in one..that was a rookie mistake. 

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