October 3, 2022

Baby Favorites 0-6 months

Believe it or not, I meant to write a round-up of goodies we were getting for Sutton back before she was born. I never, surprise surprise, quite got around to it. 

However, I wanted to share the items we/I/she absolutely loved over the last 6 months. 

This Merlin Sleep Sack. It's double-layered, so it's as close as you're going to get to a weighted sack without using a weighted sack. 

Our old baby monitor had bit the dust years ago but I kept thinking we didn't really need one. I'm glad Scott forced me to order a new one. This is an amazing bargain for a high-quality monitor! It's probably the lower-end of monitors but it's V-Tech and works really well. We've been using it for a month and now I'm addicted to having the monitor around again. 

This stroller that I've mentioned before. It's perfect for a newborn. Sutton has graduated to the baby jogger at this age, but I would've been lost without the bassinet feature of the Infans stroller. So incredibly convenient. It's a regular stroller too, so we still use it but I prefer the City Mini for our daily walks because it's what I was used to with Wells. 

The Hatch Mini. Hear me out: setting up your baby with a nightlight is a bad idea. Wells won't sleep without his light on now and I can pretty much guarantee it has caused a lot of disturbed sleep over the years for him. Start with just sound and a room that's pitch black. It's worked so well this time for Sutton. 

Formula mixing pitcher. I have no idea why I didn't know this existed 4 years ago. It's indispensable and makes life so much easier. 

Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer. I don't think this requires Dr. Brown bottles, but it's the one we got because we have that brand of bottles. 

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