September 21, 2022

The best true crime podcasts.


I don't know how we got to this place, but here we are. 

I went through a heavy true crime phase back in spring 2020. Before that, I wasn't into it. But, while at home most days, I got really into the stories and the cases. Disassociation, we'll call it. I was just stuck in the house with two dogs and a toddler all day and while true crime is depressing, yes, it gave me something else to think about aside from the constant news cycle of covid.  

At some point, I got tired of it all and moved onto different types of podcasts again. 

A few months ago, my usual podcasts got repetitive and depressing. (my usual podcasts are of the political variety)
I went back to true crime. It is decidedly less depressing than the state of politics right now. These are the ones I'm recommending for you. 
(I'm not going to link everything because you'll be looking them up on a podcast app anyway.)


The Prosecutors. They break it all down from a legal perspective. It's much more expertise-driven than just "what? I can't believe that happened!!1!" (cough, Crime Junkie). 
They cover a lot of well-known cases, broken down into multiple episodes per case and my favorite-favorite-favorite part is when they give their opinion on what they think actually happened. That usually isn't part of the true crime podcast genre. Brett and Alice put the puzzle pieces together, whether the case is solved or unsolved, and tell us what probably happened based on the evidence. Love it. They have a second podcast called Legal Briefs where they go into the law and not just specific cases (last week's episode was great). I recommend the JonBenet Ramsey episodes and their Maura Murray theory makes so much sense. SO MUCH SENSE. 

Big Mad True Crime. Heather does great research and you can tell she really cares about the victims and their stories. She does a lot of more recent cases. I like how she talks quickly and has everything organized on her IG stories. I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but her Chris Watts episodes are amazing.  She does such a great job of making sure we know how evil and dumb Watts is/was, and at the same time.

Going West. They may be the only engaged couple out there with a true crime podcast. They have an extensive backlog. Like Heather from BMTC, they use an IG account to post pictures and details from the episodes. They cover a lot of older cases, a few very new ones, and most I'd never heard of. 

Generation Why. This has apparently been around for awhile. They cover the well-known and the obscure. They have quite the backlog so it'll keep you busy. 

True Crime Garage. I listened to this a lot back in 2020. I recommend it especially for road trips because they deep-dive and they do two episodes of week. They have so many episodes that you have to go to the  Stitcher app to get the oldest ones. They focus a lot on the midwest since they're in Columbus. The Delphi episodes are good ones, and go back in time and listen to the Lindsay Buziak case

I also started listening to Crime Weekly, but I like to watch them on Youtube since they show so many pictures and videos. I really enjoy the expert perspective of having a police officer on the show. 

Any recommendations? Do you listen to true crime? 

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