July 5, 2022

Amazon lately.

I actually told myself that I was going to stop ordering things online in June. 

I did not. 

We bought so much from Amazon, just because things kept coming up that necessitated random items. 

And, the farther we get into the heat of summer and the thought of a 15 minute drive to and from the store, with a small child and a baby (often finding that what I went to the store for may not be in stock), the less likely I am to go. Therefore, I would rather wait two days of shipping time. 

Have I mentioned that we don't even have a pharmacy in this town? Like, no drug store. No CVS. No Walgreens. If I want something necessary, I have to go to Walmart. 

ANYWAY. Here we are. 

There are affiliate links here. I wouldn't use them on items we haven't actually bought ourselves. I would also give an honest review if I don't think it's worth buying :)

This two-piece high-waisted swimsuit is really just the best. It's not suffocating and restricting (my biggest issue with suits) and is flattering enough.

This dinosaur birthday party supply kit. My only issue is that it doesn't really come with instructions. A quick video on how to make the balloon arch was easy enough to find though. I also got these dino figurines to put on top of his cake. (And, not kidding: after I've been planning "dino" for the last two months, Wells told me yesterday that he thinks he wants a Blaze cake.)

A foot bath. This showed up one day while Scott was away and I could tell his feet had about had it from being in the field if he ordered himself a foot bath to be here upon his return. It's pretty great, I can't lie. Wells loves it too. And the salts for it. I like the citrus one. 

The DermaFrida Skin Soother for cradle cap. Honestly, I have one for each kid. Wells had cradle cap as a baby and had a reoccurrence recently. I also want to prevent it altogether on Sutton.  

I was a bit behind the ball this summer. I just ordered this swimset for Sutton the other day. Plus the reusable swim diapers

We also got this pet vacuum a few weeks ago. I brush the dogs with it a few times a week. Jett cannot get enough. Scout will sit still for a treat. Brittanys don't actually get groomed because they don't require it; a brush that pulls up the undercoat is necessary though. 

But it's SUPER easy to use and works really well. Also, it has tons of attachments so I'll probably use it to clean the car upholstery too. 

And a re-purchase for us is this coffee-maker cleaner. 

Scott also bought a bunch of random things that I don't actually know the use for...a lot of septic system maintenance supplies, vitamins/supplements, tool organizers, and truck parts. 

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  1. Ooh I could really go for a good footbath somedays!

    Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.net

  2. I am sorry you are ruled by Walmart! I can't believe you don't even have a pharmacy! It sounds like Amazon is the best option for lots of things. I really like ordering from Target but they tease me with their shipping dates. They say one day and then it can come any day after and keep changing. That swim suit is really cute!

  3. The dinosaur balloon kit is so fun! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road


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