June 10, 2022

Friday Favorites 6/10

1. Scott came home on Tuesday after several weeks away. However, since this involved a midnight drive home from the airport, Wednesday was...rough. 

2. Finding Joe Biden stickers on gas pumps makes me feel like we really are "all in this together". (All he has to do is open up the pipelines in the U.S. again. Not only did shutting them down increase our oil/gas prices, it left so many people without jobs.)

3.  Since I will likely never get around to taking all the pictures of the nursery on the same day since the baby has already arrived (note: you should take them beforehand), here's a bit of it. 

Sucking her thumb at 18.5 weeks.
The arrows were from the Colorado house, then Wells' first room.
The floating shelf is great, from Target, years ago.
The white vase was literally sitting on the windowsill when we moved into the house lol. I like it. 

I spent a lot of time looking for aRt ("art", art, etc) for the baby's room. In the end, this was a verse that has been on my mind for years; about myself, about Wells, and then about Sutton. She's really such a miracle. So this simple print from Hobby Lobby fits in perfectly. 

4. Peloton got me with their marketing. I had canceled my subscription months ago because they don't have pregnancy-friendly workouts. If they did, it was very few. But they offered $13 for 3 months this summer so it seems like a good option. 

20 minutes is the perfect length workout for me on the bike and Cody Rigsby is my favorite. 
My bike is NOT a Peloton. 



  1. Agree 1000%. Reopen the pipeline...I could go on and on but at least I could laugh at your funny memes (I look forward to them every Friday). They make me giggle out loud. Beautiful verse for kids, too. Thank you!

  2. My dad sent a picture this am actually hitting over $100 for his truck. I'm tired of all these issues that are still going on. On a different note...I love that name sign in her nursery!

  3. The nursery is just gorgeous. We have had a lot of "lets go brandon" stickers on the signs marking a walking path. Finally, someone in the neighborhood put up signs asking them not to put them on the posts. I had a little laugh about that. Everyone is feeling the pain. Have a good weekend!

  4. Oh, Joe Biden....I can't even with him! I like the verse art you have for Sutton's room.


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