June 24, 2022

5 Friday Favorites. 6/24

1.  This swimsuit.  It is so flattering and so comfortable. I tried several one pieces on this year. After that experience, I remember why I always preferred two pieces: I really think I have a longer torso and one pieces just do not fit me correctly 90% of the time. Does anyone else have this problem? They're just likely to be incredibly uncomfortable so I never want to bother with them. 

2. The Old Man on Hulu is really good. It's on FX but airs on Hulu on Fridays, I believe. The third episode is out this week. Seriously a thrilling show. 

3. I'm pushing myself to fill our days with things, instead of just trying to survive nap to nap and bedtime to bedtime. Yesterday, we went to the playground and splash pad. The day before, we went to library story time. I have a playdate set for next week. 

(Let it be known that I don't actually *know* any of Wells' friends from preschool, let alone know their parents...so I tell him we're going to play with friends and he asks if it's his friends and I'm like ummm no, new friends.)

4. This book is out this week. I read The Lies I Tell via Netgalley a couple of months ago (?). I got a reminder email that it's released this week. Usually I don't keep up with my Netgalley reads (probably why I keep getting denied lately) but this book was really good! 


I've never seen June described so accurately. I had such hopes for maybe 80 degrees and sunny or partly cloudy for like 2 weeks. We've got 90+ and sunny for the entire month and I know (I know) it won't get better til September-ish. 

Lastly, if you're a teacher, you will understand this. It was in response to an article about why teachers are leaving the profession in remarkably high numbers. 


  1. Is that suit from Target? I have the worst luck with suits (stupid body type ha) but finally found one from amazon. And yay to you for branching out more!

  2. I hate swimsuit shopping. I have a short torso, so I tend to not have issues with any certain kind fitting per say. I just hate the way they all look in general LOL. Yay for playdates!

  3. That suit is really cute! But, I have noticed so many companies now have long torso fits in their suits.


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