May 6, 2022

Friday Things.

I've been making the poor choice to stay up late watching Netflix and the baby chose to be up from 2:30-5:00am this morning, just reinforcing how poor my choices have been... so let's try this in real time.

1. This week in i-hate-the-library:

6 months. For an ebook. 

2. My mom has been watching Call the Midwife and I cannot with that show. It's so depressing. I read the book years ago and it was fine, but I just find all the helpless babies so sad to watch.

3. I was supposed to go visit my class today but all of Missouri is flooded out and half the base is closed and the route we take follows the river and it's unpredictable. So no. The last time we lived here, our road flooded constantly and it was very stressful to live like that.  

4. This week I went to the dentist after procrastinating since January...don't recommend a dentist trip 6 weeks after having a baby. The hormones are still very much in your system, so holy bleeding gums. I also had a doctor's appointment, which I suppose I could go more into on IG stories. I went to the chiropractor, where they popped my hip back into place (they've been doing this since I was 30 weeks pregnant). She said it'll take up to 6 months for the ligaments to go back into place, which sounds exactly like something a chiropractor would say to keep you coming back. I took a load of boxes and bags to donate because I'm purging all the things. I also picked up the baby's birth certificate and made it to the post office to mail some gifts. I still feel like I accomplished nothing, so there's that. 

5. Things I did not do: have any success with the 3 books I'm trying to read. They're just not pulling me in. I hate spending my lounging around time on Twitter or Netflix, but those are both better options than reading books that aren't that great. 

6. Doing Pilates after bedtime, I know, is not going to work long-term because it'll take very little to throw off this routine..if I'm tired, if someone won't go down easily...but late-night Pilates has always been my thing. Fitting it into nap times or baby playtime is always a second choice. 

7.  I'm sorry, but this tweet cannot be shared enough times:

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Those tweets. I hate when the wait list at the library is forever long. I really enjoyed The Night Shift and Alex Finlay in general. I guess you will year when you finally get it lol. I hope the roads get better for you. I remember flooding several times when I lived in MO too.

  2. That first tweet was hilarious! My husband started going to the chiropractor about a month ago. Like you, he was told he needs to go often before everything is back in place. As it is, he's now going there twice a week for the next three months. Here's hoping it helps his back because it's sure not helping our bank account!


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