May 20, 2022

A few favorites.

I got a complaint list as long as my leg, truly. But there's a lot of good things I need to mention too. So instead of deep-diving into yesterday's tornado warning and the fact that I cannot, no matter how I try to work it, get the grass cut by myself. Two acres is too much when I can't trust a solid hour+ nap from the baby. 

1. I'm almost finished with the end-of-the-year postcards for my students. 

                                                                            25 is a lot. 

I'm planning, barring another natural disaster, on going in next week to see them again. 

2. Sutton is so much better at sleeping than Wells ever was. The tale I tell is that Wells didn't sleep through the night at all until 18 months (post-18 month regression) and didn't do it regularly until he was 2. 

I fully expect regressions with Sutton but she just like...goes to sleep? Idk. It's so foreign to me. Wells was up every 2-3 hours for 18 months. Of course, Sutton came into the world actually yelling via emergency c-section so...

I have Taking Cara Babies' 3-4 month series to read to prepare myself for this time around.

3. Speaking of baby stuff, Milestones and Motherhood is such a great resource. I find myself getting absolutely lost in her Stories. She's a pediatric PT and there's really nothing she doesn't cover. Also: turns out I did everything wrong with Wells and he turned out FINE. So, don't take everything she says as a must-do. 

Here's to hopefully accomplishing a few things this out my classroom a bit, buying/planting flowers, and going to the library are top of the list. 


  1. My kiddos graduate Tuesday (well half the class does) so I'm working on stuff for them this weekend too!

  2. Love that you write cards to your students! The tornado warning must have been so scary while out! I probably did a lot of things wrong with Zoe too. It is nice to have accounts like that to follow to get ideas and stuff for sure!


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