April 15, 2022

Friday Recommendations #8

1. Blocking shows on Netflix. 

Wells has had too much freedom of choice when it comes to TV lately. He also has learned how to work my iPad to watch TV. This has been a natural consequence of me needing to nap and him not taking naps anymore. I culled the shows he's allowed to watch though, and now I feel much better about the options available. He's always just wanted to watch the same 3 or 4 shows, but he's become super wishy-washy about it lately so this was necessary. The less choice, the better. 

Go to your account on a computer (not on the app), go to Account in the upper right corner, and then you can change your restrictions. 

And you can also just type in the names of the shows you want blocked. This is about half the ones I got rid of:

2.  Funny things:

Both of my arms looked like this after 2 weekends in the hospital. They're still not completely healed. 

We can also say it as "Everyone should be able to afford a Tesla but should never have to pay back a loan they already took out".

3. I kind of wish I had a recipe to recommend to you all. I have been making my old stand-by dinners lately and the last time I tried something new, it was ...awful? I hate to say that about someone's recipe but it was not good. This vegetarian mushroom pasta was one I made a few months ago, though, and I'll definitely make it again. Tons of flavor. 

4. It's too late to stock up on Easter, but I wanted to share in case you wanted to get a jump on next year. The weirdest priority I had pre-baby was making sure I had an Easter basket for her. I went to multiple stores before I found *one*. Literally, one. No one had Easter baskets out at the beginning of March, which seems like terrible marketing. So many Easter decorations, but no baskets. I wanted one a lot like Wells' but it was not to be. This one will do just fine.

I ordered the tag for it after she was born and it arrived within a week or so. I thought it was going to be wooden (like Wells' tag) but I also probably ordered it at 3am and wasn't paying that much attention. As it is, it's super cute. I recommend this shop! 

5.  The Ultimatum on Netflix. This is a dumpster fire on collision with a trash truck. Two trash trucks maybe. It's Love is Blind on steroids. I have given up on The Bachelor franchise because it's become too drawn out and boring and I can't even bring myself to care about the storylines. In these Lachey Family Productions on Netflix, you get so invested from the beginning. It's ridiculous. Anyway, if you need something to watch, go for it. We can discuss, but no spoilers from me yet. 


  1. I love Sutton's Easter tag! So cute! Her basket is cute too. I feel like with all the other rushed holidays in retail, they sort of drop the ball on Easter. I hate when a nurse is not the best at veins. Its so painful! I hope you guys have a great weekend! Happy Easter!

  2. I’m currently watching The Ultimatum and it’s utter trash and stressing me out but I can’t look away.

  3. I watched the first season of Love Is Blind and what a TRAIN WRECK. I debated watching the second but just can't bring myself to care. Honestly, Jersey Shore is my trash TV of choice. I never tire of those dumbasses.

  4. I wasnt sure if I wanted to get involved in The Ultimatum but I'm sure I'll zoom through it in 2 days so might as well.

  5. I'm on the third episode of The Ultimatum right now. Pretty crazy! That personalized "Sutton" bunny is adorable.


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