February 7, 2022

February Goals 2022

More snow than MO usually sees, I'm told. 

Let's review January's goals:

I was supposed to read and finish a book.  I finished THREE books. I will recap in a quarterly book report. Quarters are more manageable than months this year, I think. 

I was supposed to go through baby boxes. I did this. We have a few pieces of equipment to set up still and there's a few things we can't find, but I did go through the boxes. I sent off some baby boy clothes to my brother, got the rest of Wells' clothes ready to donate, we moved the dresser to the baby's room, and  Wells still doesn't have a bed or dresser (he's still in the toddler bed version of the crib) so this baby will be in a bassinet until we get him a bed. 

I was supposed to use my planner to track. I did for some time and then I got sick with a cold/cough/sinus infection/alpha-beta-charlie variant/whatever you want to call it and I just gave up on that. I'm trying to get back at it. But I am using my planner to do some long-range notes and goals too. 

New goals for February: 

1. Drop off bags at the thrift store. I have so much baby stuff and there's an actual Good Samaritan donation center here, instead of just a Goodwill/Salvation Army where they make a profit. I would rather the baby things go to someone in need. 

2. Cardboard recycling. Like in Colorado, we don't have recycling that comes to the house, so we need to flatten and store all of our Amazon boxes cardboard until we have enough to take it somewhere. I want to get it all dropped off this month. I think it's been since November that I last went there. 

3. Read and finish two or three books. My library wait list books are still 6 months out (for ebooks) so that's a joke. I actually emailed the library saying how terrible they were at getting books in peoples' hands (the JOB of a library) and I never got a response. Shocking. 

But I have two BOTMs coming my way this week and I have an ARC that I just finished. And I think I have two audiobooks I need to get to...So this goal is technically on the way to being met.

4. Use my planner to track. We're going to try this again, hopefully without the sick days. 

Any goals for February? We're already, thankfully, a week in. 

This week also includes a lot of little goals like prepping Wells' valentines and my valentines for school, keeping up with school (which is laughable at this point after 3 snow days), and making some phone calls. I'm tired already.


  1. There’s a 6 month waitlist for ebooks?! I think I’ve waited 2-3 months before and I thought that was bad.

  2. I need to go through all of Zoe's baby stuff. I literally have every single think of hers still. I gave some of the big stuff to my niece when she had a baby, but almost everything has come back to me since he is about to be 2! I started getting it priced for a consignment sale last year but then cried too much, apparently I am attached to her clothes. Chris told me to box it back up and not try again til I was ready haha. It takes up half of one of our attic spaces though, I really need to go through it again.

  3. Awesome goals for February! So sad about your library system...grrrr!

  4. I just dropped off a bunch of donations tonight. Feels free!


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