November 12, 2021

5 Friday things.

1. I had yesterday off for Veterans Day. Today, I have a teacher day in which...well, let's just say that if school districts wanted to assist in the mental health of teachers, they'd knock these PD days off the calendar and replace them with student contact days. I've noticed a lot of schools have been making the offering of a whole week off for Thanksgiving, instead of 3 days, this year under the guise of "mental health". No. Just get rid of PD days. (also, welcome to the read world, folks...I always had a whole week off in Colorado) Also, don't mess with families' schedules; canceling days of school at the last minute because the "teachers are burnt out" is lazy and detrimental to kids. (honestly I've been so embarrassed by my profession this year...)

2. 21 weeks. The dress is super flowy because I'm trying not to look overtly "pregnant and leaving this place in a few months". 1st trimester recap coming next week. 

3. Wells' school pictures arrived in my inbox. 

4. I'm just going to keep posting this so you all know I'm still not reading: 

13 (thir-teen) books behind schedule. i did download a book to my kindle from the library though because it came it as a hold (from June!). 




  1. The iced coffee meme made me laugh
    The Toys R Us is really a good idea!
    Baby bump ahead - LOVE IT
    That really is an amazingly good school pic!

  2. I agree about not making last minute calendar adjustments, but it’s not due to teacher laziness. I think it’s lack of subs, too. We should all just get that whole week off because two days is weird and we have poor attendance at the high school level. I agree about PD days! Yesterday was one of our best ever. We had an hour meeting and then worked in our PLCs for about an hour and had the rest of the day. It was just what I needed if I had to be at work.
    You look cute!

    1. I think it's due to teachers assuming they have it worse than other professions right now. *Personally* I hear a lot of complaining IRL. We always had those two days off in CO, so I don't know what the issue is here. I have multiple students taking the whole week off to travel (military town!) so requiring those days is odd. And, we did thankfully get a lot of time to work yesterday on our own.


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