September 17, 2021

Friday Favorites #4

1. This pumpkin muffin recipe. I make it multiple times a year, between Labor Day and Thanksgiving. 

2. Funny things have been in short supply on Pinterest for me lately:

3. This week is over (almost). It's a behemoth I've been dreading for a while. I had a meeting 3 days after school, Scott had to go away for part the week, and Wells had a field trip so I had to take time off to go to that (well, I wanted to, I didn't have to...Scott was supposed to take him but was tasked to go to Texas at the last minute). Then, last Saturday, Wells started complaining of an earache and was completely miserable. He was up all night and had a fever. I knew a trip to urgent care and sub plans were in my future. Luckily, he woke up Sunday as good as new. I'm confused, but I'll take it. I did end up calling and making him an appointment with his pediatrician, just to see if there was an ear infection happening. Which means I had to take two half days off this week, which means I'm clearly the school's favorite person, you know? Anywho, after a very long wait at the doctor, we were given prescriptions for allergy meds and antibiotic ear drops. No infection though, so that's nice to hear that his immune system is still going strong. (I am half-joking when I say it's because he was a formula friend swears up and down that her BM kid was sick constantly and her formula kid has never been sick with more than a cold. Food for thought.We're going on 3+ years without anything more than a cold/cough.) 

4. Seeing how well-behaved Wells actually was on his field trip was kind of a treat. 

And unfavorites...

I did not have any books to show for myself in the last month because I really haven't read a book in an entire month. That's kind of depressing, right? I have three right now. I use "reading" loosely here. I am listening to A Slow Fire Burning and it's probably the slowest, most depressing book I've read in awhile. I think Paula Hawkins may be a one-hit-wonder with The Girl on the Train. I am reading The Neighbor's Secret from BOTM, and it's okay. And I have Apples Never Fall by Liane Morarity ready to go in Audible. 

I had to go back to the lab for another blood draw because the hospital called Scott (Scott! Not me) and told him they messed up the vials from last week and couldn't use them. So I had to go back with a 3 year old. That was hard. 

I do have a nasty cough I cannot get rid of. It's more of an asthmatic cough and I have the inhaler and the medicine but ugh...

It's still in the high 80s here but I swear I can hear/smell/see fall just around the corner. Maybe the decorations will come out this weekend. 


  1. His little Steelers jersey! So cute

  2. I heard someone else say A Slow Fire Burning wasn't very good. I think I will pass. I do have Neighbor's Secret from BOTM so I hate to hear it is just okay. I also just got Apples Never Fall this week and can't wait to start it. I am reading The People We Keep right now and enjoying it. I got Rock, Paper Scissors and The Love Hypothesis from BOTM this month too. So many books. Eeks!

    1. A Slow Fire is super slow and I would call it triggering if you have a small child. I'm maybe 4 hours in? The Neighbor's Secret isn't bad at all. I am just very slowly trying to ease back into reading so it's taking me awhile lol. I just read a chapter or two a night.


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