September 10, 2021

Friday Favorites #3

I skipped last week. 

We had a lot going on. 

Still do. 

#1 This zucchini bread.

We still have a haul of frozen zucchini and one I still need to grate and freeze. I gave one of these giant squash to a friend a few weeks ago and she made multiple loaves of zucchini bread. I tried some on Saturday and it was amazing. I don't even know that I've ever loved zucchini bread before but this is the perfect recipe. She told me she just googled it and made the first recipe she found and so I did that, too, on Sunday. Highly recommend. 

#2 I like my slightly browner hair. I'll never have dark hair, but highlighting it myself in the last two years has become exhausting. These lowlights added dimension and covered up any roots that seemed to be poking through. 

#3 I'm back in the world of book orders. 

Not only does Wells bring them home, but I have my account for my class again so I'm placing an order every month or so. If you have kids bringing home flyers, I promise you it is the BEST way to get cheaper books. It's also the ultimate coupon code game: finding how many free books you can get, plus how many points you can redeem, etc. It really is like a game as a teacher if you're into bargain hunting.

And a few unfavorites:

The neighbor told me the local septic guy wanted to come pump our tank yesterday and we had to "dig it up" first. So the second Scott got home on Wednesday, he was out digging a freaking ditch in the yard. (we've been meaning to get this done for months...I knew it was necessary but holy cow did that put a crimp in the day/night)

I sent my StitchFix box to the wrong address.

I had bloodwork done the other day and the person they gave me was from the "blood donation center" which means she's, like, barely a trained phlebotomist (though, quite friendly). And after rooting around for 5 minutes, she called an actual lab person and this guy (a Specialist in uniform but who is lab-trained, not blood-bank-trained) found a vein and got the blood out in, like, seconds. It ALWAYS works this way. I don't know why they bring in these people to "help". It's not helpful. This happened every time I ever went to the Air Force Academy for blood draws in Colorado too. A 19 year old guy in an Air Force uniform covered in scrubs would take care of a blood draw in seconds...I appreciate those who are good at this job. We need more of them. 

Has this felt like the longest 4-day week ever? I think so. 


  1. This was definitely the longest short week. I really appreciate when I have a pro drawing blood. I have had nurses blow my veins and its so painful. I love orering from the book fairs!!! I just placed an order recently for Zoe.

  2. That recipe is the best! I have zucchini bread in the oven right now made with that recipe. So, so good. Ugh to your blood drawing experience. My daughter had blood drawn one day this week. A day later, someone from the place called me and said that she needed to come back to get blood drawn again because the order was wrong. I was like, but you have her blood. And the lady was like, so sorry we can't use it. We need to draw it again. I was livid but there was nothing I could do... except take her back if I wanted the results back.


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