September 30, 2021

Acai Berry Smoothie

It's been a bit of a week around here for no good reason other than I feel like I'm making everything harder than it has to be. Going to bed too late has a lot to do with it, I bet. 

I did want to share this smoothie because I've been making one most days. It's the best smoothie yet, and I feel like I've done a lot of smoothies over the years. 

I spent years hunting down frozen acai berry mix in freezer sections of grocery stores; I was never really successful aside from buying actual Dole Acai Bowls, which are kind of expensive and that's not a sustainable habit. 

I saw this powder a few weeks ago. It's absolutely perfect. I don't really follow the directions on the package because I keep bananas peeled and frozen in freezer tells you to mix everything and then freeze to the consistency you want. 

1 frozen banana

2 T. acai powder mix

1/2 cup frozen mango OR strawberries (those are my favorites to use, but you can use any frozen fruit)

1 T. collagen powder

1 teaspoon maca powder

1 T. cacao nibs

Unsweetened almond milk + coconut water to blend

Trilogy seeds (hemp hearts, flax, chia) for the top (sometimes I blend these in)

Mix everything in a blender, adding more liquid if you need to. This makes enough for me, a small cup for Wells, and I usually put, still, half of glass of leftover in the fridge for Scott. This has been my go-to after-school snack lately.

I think proteinr powder would be a great addition, but I love the flavor of of the acai berry, so I wouldn't want to change the flavor with protein. If you have a very mild protein powder that you use, it would probably work.

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