August 9, 2021

Retail Therapy: Things worth your time

In the last month or so, I've been shopping a lot. This is part of why I tracked my spending at the beginning of the year: I always go a little nuts come late summer. 

However, these are things that are worth your time, and are either second-time buys for me or things I've personally done the on-the-ground research on...I whole-heartedly recommend them all. 

First, I caved and bought my favorite Beauty Counter serum. This Honest brand I recommended last week is great too, but something about this Tripeptide just seals the deal for me. I love it. Ugh. Hopefully it lasts til Christmas. I use it 1-2 times a day. 

These Gap leggings. They are the modal crop sleep leggings. But, they are absolutely perfect under shorter dresses with flats/sandals/wedges and also perfect in the winter if you wear higher boots because they go to about mid-shin. Also perfect for yoga, Pilates, errand-running with a longer shirt...

This is my third pair. I wore two holes in my first black pair, SEWED/GLUED them, and still wear them around the house. I have gray too. I just needed a new pair for the school year. They run a teeny bit big so get your regular size. 

I guarantee they will go back to regular price after school starts, so grab them now. 

These Old Navy zip-ups

I had an ON zip-up years ago that I adored. The zipper just fell off one day in the washer. Not a testament to quality, sure, but I haven't found a material/fit since then that I liked as much. I check multiple times a year to see if they've brought that style back (they haven't). I did finally run into an actual ON store over the weekend and these were on sale for $10 each. Sold. The fit is not the same at all, but they will be fine over dresses in a chilly classroom or when out walking the dogs. The material is much nicer than the traditional ON zip-ups. If you can find them on sale, it's worth it. I got black and gray. 

I also grabbed a bunch of random things from Amazon that we needed ("needed"), but I'll share those in the next Amazon link-up. 


  1. When you find a skincare product that really just clicks for you, you sort of just have to eat the cost. I am in love with Skinceuticals, and it is over $100 for a bottle and it kills me to purchse it...but I notice a difference when I use it. I remind myself that I buy cheaper facewash and I don't do much if any spa treatments so I am can splurge on something for my skin.

  2. Dont you love when they bring back something you love? ... I cant believe the zipper fell off though - I mean... wow. But for $10, what do you expect I guess


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