August 3, 2021

Amazon lately...

I've skipped out the last few months! It doesn't mean I haven't been ordering. It means there was a password snafu and I had a lot of trouble logging onto Amazon. (we have multiple accounts...sigh)

We're gonna go way back and I'm going to pick out the highlights. Some of this, I have been meaning to recommend anyway...

This contact solution. I had a major issue with allergies and contacts and even made an appointment to go to an eye doctor back in May. I ended up not going because I found this solution! It came as a sample in my latest box from 1-800-Contacts and it cleans and refreshes and makes your contacts feel like new. Yes, BETTER than the peroxide cleaner. Cannot recommend it enough.

This Dyson stick. Probably the best thing I've bought in the last year. I love it so much. I didn't get the most expensive one but I did go with Dyson because I didn't want to go cheap and get cheap, you know? 

Replacement Kindle charger. Somewhere in the move, I lost my charger. This is a sturdy one. It took some research because not all of them work with every device or include both the cord and the plug. Bookmark it in case you are ever in need. 

Construction set. I got this for Wells for his birthday. Not high-end by any means, but he loves the little trucks and the mat. They do pull back and take off pretty well. The crane already broke so I threw it away. Oh well. We use the carrying case outside for his gardening tools lol. 

La Roche-Posay scrub. I love this brand. Very effective, no harshness. Worth it if you are looking for a scrub! I was trying to avoid buying Beauty Counter's scrub because $$$. 

Birthday party supplies. This was a super cute set that had everything we needed to make the day special for Wells. I will say that the table cloths were not construction-themed and just said Happy Birthday but my mom had picked up matching table cloths, so it worked out. 

Another birthday gift. This was a Matchbox demolition set. Much better quality than the one up above. He loves it. 

I got this purse organizer to go with my new Madewell bag. Full disclosure: I haven't used it yet because I'm still in summer bag mode, but I wanted something slim and not boxy. This is that. I had a boxy one years ago and it was kind of annoying. 

This Vitamin C serum is wonderful. A follower on Instagram told me about it. I was, again, trying to avoid Beauty Counter ($$$) and this is a great product for the value. It does not have a smell, so if you're sensitive to strong fragrances, this is for you. I do like citrusy-smelling products, though.

I got these room-darkening shades in gray (I used to have them in black for the nursery) because we have a weird bay window that I don't really like but it lets in so much heat during the day. I won't invest in curtains because, again, it's a weird old window and I'm not sure what we're doing with it yet when we remodel the patio connected to it. The windows themselves will be replaced, so maybe we'll get blinds then. 

A backpack for preschool. It's really hard to find cute, serviceable backpacks for 3-4 year olds in real life. Amazon had the only selection I could find (seriously!). 

Okay. Whew. There were a few more things...for my classroom...fixtures for the house...lots of auto parts...but this is the round-up of what you may be most interested in. 

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  1. Looks like you found a cute backpack for Wells!!


  2. Great finds. I'm going to check out the purse organizer! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. I need to get a vaccum for my hard floors. All the dog hair!!!!

  4. I like that purse organizer. I love La Roche-Posay stuff, and use their cleanser every morning. I will have to check out the scrub.

  5. I have a purse organizer as well and I love it but I like this one better. It will fit in my bigger bags much better. I'll have to wait until September though because I'm taking a hiatus from Amazon this month.


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