July 12, 2021

3 Years of Wells

Wells has been a busy guy this past year. Just this summer, he's moved into his 4th bedroom in his 3 short years. Wyoming, Pittsburgh, Kansas, and now Missouri. I've never referred to Wells as easy-going but he is certainly a go-with-the-flow type when we tell him it's time to do something. He is definitely starting to ask questions about houses and "where's that friend?" or say "I want to go to Pennsylvania" every time he gets in the car. He knows his army child life is a little complicated but he has no idea that most 3 year olds haven't had his lived experience (that's what they call it, right?). I think it may start to click over this next year as he meets more kids who are and are not part of military families. 

Wells turned 3 on Saturday.


...really loves being outside. He just wants to play by himself and I appreciate that. He loves silence and playing pretend, indoors and out. 

...still likes watching TV (he always has). Lately, it's been Paw Patrol, Cocomelon, and Blippi.

 ...has been potty-trained for a while now. Since last November. That was, I think, the one thing he really made easy on me. 

...he still wears mostly 2Ts in pants/shorts...some 3Ts. Depends on the brand. I like 4T/5T in shirts because I like shirts bigger.  Shoes are size 8. I just ordered him his first back-to-school sneakers from See Kai Run (I found a killer deal) and I'm excited for him but he doesn't care about them.

....his favorite thing to say right now is "no way!" and he means it as "no", not in a sarcastic or unbelievable way. He also likes to say "I mean it. Do you understand?" in a rather menacing voice and it usually leads to me telling him he will be going to time-out if he says it again. It's funny to see what he gets very upset about. Along the same lines, he likes to say "better carry me, I'm small" when he's too lazy to walk. Like, literally from the bed to the bathroom or the tub to the bedroom. L-a-z-y. 

....he still adores his lambie more than anything. He also has two more now. So if you think you can buy extras and *replace* them, you can't. Now he has what he refers to as a "family"; mommy lambie, baby lambie (the OG), and daddy lambie. Plus, "blue guy", which is his big blue blanket. At some point, he started calling his blankets his "guys" so we just went with it. We have gray guy, Blippi guy, monkey guy, polar bear guy, tractor guy...you get it. 

....we have been intending on getting to the toddler bed this month but we are swamped with DIY tasks and we haven't secured his dresser to the wall yet, which means the rail can't come off of the crib yet. He doesn't seem to care about sleeping in a crib but, man, he loves to take rest time in mommy's bed with his guys and his milk and a book or some Cocomelon. 

...he is ridiculously polite. He says excuse me, thank you, you're welcome, oh sorry, see you later, have a good day constantly. I'll take it. The other day, we had lunch with Scott on base and when we were walking back to the car together, he said Thank you for eating with me at the restaurant! to us. 

...he'll be starting SCHOOL next month. We opted for a regular school format for him. It's not a year-round daycare, but a Christian school at a church. I am hopeful that it will be fine. He'll do preschool in the morning and daycare there in the afternoon. It's a 10 month program and I like that it's not year-round, since we don't require that right now. 

....he is pretty much the life of the party. I've never seen a person enjoy a wedding reception as much as Wells. The only thing he likes more than a wedding reception is, as we learned last week, a fireworks show. 


  1. He's going to love school.
    That "better carry me" saying - that is PRECIOUS
    I honestly cant believe he's 3 - Happy Birthday Wells!


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