May 3, 2021

Products Lately: A few recommendations

1. I love the Beauty Counter serums. They last forever. I do the Vitamin C most mornings and the Tripeptide at night, or occasionally in the mornings. I bought the Tripeptide serum in October, used it every day until February and now use it intermittently and that bottle is still going strong. I bought the Vitamin C serum in February and now use it every morning. This stuff really does last forever, so consider that if the price point scares you off. 

2. This under-eye concealer has been a nice addition. I'm still in need of a good blender recommendation!

3. I like trying out new eye creams, mostly because I hate the thought of dry skin around my eyes. I always did like the Rodan+Fields eye cream. I might order that again, actually, sometime this summer. I tried Beauty Counter eye cream last year and I didn't love it. It did fine for the moisturizing aspect but it didn't do much else. (They've since changed up their eye creams so I can't find the link.) The RF one did everything and more. 

This Cerave eye cream has been a fantastic placeholder.  It was a good $10 investment. I like it much better than the Cetaphil one I had tried previously. 

4. Resurfacing peel from Beauty Counter. I got this in a free gift ("free") paired with the charcoal mask. I do NOT recommend the charcoal mask. It's awful and drying and it physically hurts. Don't do it. 

The resurfacing peel is great though. I put it on maybe two nights a week after washing my face and it's very refreshing and my skin feels so smooth the next day. If you're going to splurge on a BC product, that's the one! (not the eye cream, not the charcoal mask, get the resurfacing peel)

5. Hourglass Blush. I bought this because someone did an Instagram story on it. I fell into the trap. I got the mini size, though, in Luminous Flush. It was definitely a Friday-night-impulse-buy. (Fridays are the most likely day for impulse buys. I just bought a pair of shoes seconds before I walked out the door this past Friday. Had my coat and shoes on when I clicked "buy now" while I was telling Wells it was time to go.)


You can tell I really like Beauty Counter products: something about the textures and the smells and the general effectiveness really appeals to me. I've tried this exfoliating wash before so I think that's up next for me to buy again, but I may buy the Counterman version. I feel like it would work better. 


What products have you been loving lately? 


  1. Checking out that Cerave eye cream!!! My eyes need all the attention they can get - but I aint paying crazy amounts of money for it either.

  2. I got that Cerave eye cream a few weeks ago, and I feel like out of ALL the eye creams I've tried, this might be the best for the money!?

  3. I have the cerave eye cream and it helps when my eye area is really dry. I haven't noticed it doing much else, but then again, not many others do either.


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