May 24, 2021

Monday. (a meme gold mine today)

I do not have the mental capacity or desire to recap the weekend on a Monday. Anyone else? Memes will always be a placeholder. 

Today is the day of the month that the dogs get heartworm meds and flea/tick meds. I used to dread it like nothing else. But then I switched to Nexguard and Heartgard. SUCH a difference. 
This sounds like a commercial, but really, they chomp those pills right down. 

I keep Netflix on mute while I'm browsing. 


  1. The gmail & podcast ones have me rolling.

  2. I have tried to find where to turn off Netflix from doing that - so irritating!!!!
    that Judge Judy one made me SNORT LAUGH!!!!

  3. The podcast one LOL. and "the money you just put aside"

  4. Seriously, why is gmail like that? LOL!!! The podcast one is hilarious too. Judge Judy aint playing!


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