March 16, 2021

Mid-Month Photos.


It's the middle of March and I thought I'd just round up some pictures from the first half of the month that I hadn't gotten around to sharing. 

I finished this book last night. I'd been on the wait list since November. You'll have to come back on "book day" to see my thoughts. 

Wells fell and skinned up his face. He got a popsicle in the living room as a placation. 

Had a salad from a bbq place. It was okay. 

We went to Scheel's for an experience on Sunday. It's a sporting goods store with a little bit of everything. 

This is why we almost never get out the Lincoln Logs:

This was my weekend listening. I'm about halfway done. So good. 

Has anyone actually read Stuart Little? It's awful and I kind of hate it. This is my first go-around. It's a read aloud in my class so I'm trying to power through so I can get to something better (probably LHOTP).

Oh hey, remember when it was kinda warm last weekend? It's all gross and rainy and cold now. Perfect for dog-walks.


I looked over one day and saw this. 

Obviously we've needed the rain. 

I 100% prefer Kirkland's guacamole to homemade. Is that weird? I feel like that's probably weird.

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  1. I havent read Stuart Little since I was in elementary school - but I've found most things I loved as a kid, I go back & am like, THAT IS HORRIBLE. I feel like Rudolph is a great example. Santa on that is the BIGGEST JERK


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