March 8, 2021

February Books 2021

 I'm cheating again...

You can follow me in real time on Instagram! I have my 2021 book highlights saved.

I read 5 books in February. 

I went on a book requesting rampage yesterday through the two different library systems I use. 
My TBR is shrinking, though I'm definitely struggling with nonfiction this year. 

What was the best book you read in February?


  1. I'm nearing the end of 4 Winds & interesting reading your thoughts. I've got about 150 pages left.

  2. I really liked Four Winds, but totally get the comment about communist emphasis at end. It is probably historically accurate that they were behind the workers' rights movement, but hated that they were the heroes in the story. Have a good week!

  3. "I feel humiliation for the book" DAMN!

  4. I enjoyed Four Winds, but it was very depressing and I do get what you are saying about the communist thing at the end. I want to read The Therapist! I have gotten all other BA Paris books but didn't get this one. I thought Layla was really weird and I was pissed most of the book until the end. It was different, and not a typical Hoover book, I didn't hate it but it wasn't my favorite.

    1. I thought the main character (the guy, don't remember his name) in Layla was doing the definition of gaslighting for however many pages long that book was. No one was likable!


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