March 3, 2021

{Currently} in March

Choosing: I want to get Wells a backpack for Easter. This will be a year of practical things in the Easter basket (backpack, summer/spring shoes...maybe even socks). Actually, who knows: Easter baskets are still multiple weeks off and I feel like he's needed this backpack for awhile. Maybe I'll just buy it. Any recommendations for a toddler backpack? These are my two favorites so far. Nothing flashy and it doesn't need to be school-size. 

Making: I made this fajita sheet pan on Sunday and Scott made this tomato soup on Monday because he got home first and I sent him the recipe. 

Deconstructed fajitas for Wells (he ate the tortilla).


You can usually find a great workout on Youtube. I like the Peloton app, but Youtube is such a great resource for anything in the world. Truly. I did this low-impact cardio on Saturday and could barely roll out of bed on Sunday. It shredded my thighs. That was absolutely the point, though, so I'll happily recommend it. Pilates with Nicole is a new favorite of mine too. You'll feel the burn. 

Imagining: life pre-Instagram. I've been really not posting much lately because it just seems redundant. I have this theory that people who talk to their phone *too* much have a need to just hear their own voice. 

Here's what I would've posted over the weekend had I been serial Story posting...

"Look! Found a treasure!" RIP my Shiny Brite. I have no idea how it ended up smashed behind a shelf. 


[insert picture here]

'Saturday at Costco'


My closet situation is very minimalist right now and I like it that way. We have lots of closet space but I'm not using it. I'll expand my wardrobe maybe next year?

Rotating my clothes makes me feel stupidly satisfied. I meant to do some shopping over the weekend, but I might just wait for spring break when I have time to browse. A Saturday at the mall doesn't seem ideal with a toddler in tow.

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  1. I made that fajita pan last night, it is so easy and quick to come together. LOVE Heather Robertson workouts. I do several of hers each week, along with Mr and Mrs Muscle and Sydney Cummings. No need for the Peloton app here. To me, Peloton is the new crossfit craze.

  2. I go back and forth on Instagram posting. Sometimes I feel like it's a great community, and other times I wonder why I'm posting random photos in my stories! I take it off my phone occasionally and that helps me a lot!

  3. I cant believe its coming up on time to rotate my clothes. I literally didnt touch any of my sweaters since I didnt leave my house all winter long. Just lived in flannels.

    Toddler back packs ... so tiny & cute

  4. I second Tanya. Sometimes I have a lot of fun with Instagram, but the majority of the time I hate it. And the people who talk for hours all day in their stories get muted.

  5. Toddler backpacks are just so darn cute! I feel like a Target one is good since they grow out of them... once my son started school I got a North Face one for a little more durability and he's been using it for multiple years. And cast iron pizza - brilliant!!

  6. For preschool, we had the SkipHop brand backpack from Target and it worked really well for that age. It's not too big and the kids could carry it easily.

    Sometimes I'm tempted to post a day in the life on my InstaStories but I get bored so easily and then I forget.

  7. I am adding those youtube workouts to my list. I am trying to get back to The Balanced Life Pilates YT videos a few times a week.

  8. Try the Burn Boot camp videos on YouTube...they are good!

  9. I like Instagram, but I'm not that great at using the stories or keeping up with it But that's alright - not all social media is for everyone!



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