September 29, 2020

Hoodie Weather

 Most would agree it's the best weather. 

(This mirror and its spots make me cringe. The frame is also broken in 4+ places so I may need to just buy a new one. I hate figuring out how to throw big things away, though.)

A few years ago, I had a perfect zip-up hoodie from Old Navy. I told myself I should've bought two. They were new for fall and full-price in July so I only bought one. It was like a terry/jersey material, not that sweatshirt material that looks kind of messy and like you should be out raking the leaves. 

Long story short, I wore it for about a month, the zipper fell off in the dryer and I never found a similar style hoodie again. By the time I went back to Old Navy that fall, they didn't exist anymore. It was very strange.

I still think about this, clearly. 

I've bought a couple of sweatshirt material hoodies in the last few years and they are, in my opinion, inferior. They're not flattering. Good for over pajamas maybe. 

Since I decided to dig into a bit of quality with my clothing, I started looking at Athleta for a zip-up hoodie since I check Old Navy periodically for that same hoodie and have never come across it again. 

Things I like: it goes with anything, style or color; it's longer; it has a stretch to it; deep pockets; very comfortable; not boxy. 

Things I don't like: it's cream. But I don't like the pink color at all. And the black is full price and on backorder anyway.

I sized up because I like zip-ups to be a little looser. 

Hoodie recommendations? I will take any and all if you love the fit and style!


  1. I love Athleta so much! My most favorite sweatshirt is from there. I dont wear hoodies as much as sweatshirts, the hoods drive me crazy with my long hair. So no recommendations from me. BUT I did see that Champion brand has some cute ones that I have seen at Walmart and TJ Maxx.


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