September 14, 2020

Fall Decorations (new house, weird year, etc) {UPDATED}

I loudly will proclaim fall to be my favorite season by far and I will cash in my #basic card on this any day.....but I don't have a ton of decorations for it. It's weird. I started collecting a little of this and a little of that starting in 2009 when we got married. I have "fall", I have "Thanksgiving", and I have "Halloween". Most of what I have that falls into the Halloween category were decorations I used in my classroom. They don't really fit in with my fall decorations. So I rarely put up the Halloween decorations now. I've never been a huge Halloween fan and I don't know how much I want to make of it with Wells, going forward. The first year, I adored dressing him up. Last year, he didn't know any different, he was incredibly difficult about things, there was a terrible wind/rain storm in Pittsburgh so he couldn't trick-or-treat anyway (not that we were really planning on it?), and answering the doorbell for trick-or-treaters is just awkward to me. I never hated Halloween, though, until I started teaching in Colorado and they forced me to wear a costume and participate each year. Other schools never did. And don't get me started on Halloween and adults; Halloween is a kids' holiday, guys. 

I think I'm really going to take my cue from Wells and how he feels about it over the next few years. He might really like it? If he doesn't, I'll likely just ignore it. Also, with the way public school is going, I don't see how kids could get to have fun Halloween parties right now. 

So here's what I came up with this year...

I got the pumpkin sign and the candle (Sand + Fog Autumn Harvest) at Homegoods last week. I like that they are understated. I got the letterboard idea from Pinterest. I'm not that creative. 

I got these stuffed pumpkins at Target last year and Hobby Lobby this year. I love them, but I don't want Wells to get them so they stay out of reach. 
Runner is from Hobby Lobby. I originally got it for the table but it doesn't look right there. 

This corner is a little cluttered (I keep the bookcase here because there's no good wall for it and I don't want Wells to assume he can climb it at some point; it physically can't fall on him from this angle.)
But it holds some odds and ends of decorations I've collected over the years. Wells about destroyed that scarecrow last year, so it stays out of reach. 

Once upon a time, I filled these shelves. And it's not like Wells is out to destroy my decor...he just touches and moves things and I hate taking the time to move them back. So this is pretty bare. 

Our front door could probably use a good power wash. 

And...I really don't like our kitchen, so I didn't do much in there. I won't complain because goodness knows this house is a million times better than the last go-around, but still. I feel like I had perfected the decor for fall (and Christmas) in our house in Colorado after being there for 4ish years. This year-to-year stuff is exhausting again. 

Are you a Fall person or a Halloween person? I like decorations that can last from September to the end of November. 

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  1. Fall is definitely my favorite season as well! I love the cooler weather, the jewel toned colors and all the fall activities! I definitely decorate for fall more so than Halloween. More so this year now that we have moved, our other house always looked too cluttered with seasonal decor. I cant wait to grow our collection as I find the perfect pieces for this house!

  2. I am a Fall person It keeps the decorations out through November. Be frugal :)
    I gotta find a fall wreath for my door

  3. This is perfect! I love the pumpkins from Target last year and wish I had gotten them. The letter lard looks great!

  4. I don't care about Halloween and it isn't really a thing in Switzerland anyway. I love early autumn when it's finally cooler (but still warm) and the leaves start to change. But by mid-November when it's all bare trees and rain I'm over it.

  5. I am a fall person for sure. Hence the link up, haha! I do enjoy Halloween, though, and think when/if I have kids, I will be more into decorating for it.


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