September 25, 2020

3 Friday Things.

1. Wildlife. 

I went through the subset of modern depression that's only caused when you are out of episodes of something to watch and are helplessly scrolling through the millions of options available to you and still finding nothing to watch...Scott picked this movie. VERY GOOD. We love Carey Mulligan. 

2.  Challenger: The Final Flight

I was about 2 weeks old when the Challenger exploded in 1986. I always knew about it and it always kind of hung over me as a thing that happened around the time I was born. This was so incredibly well done. We couldn't stop watching. 

3. Camo shoes.

I grabbed the same shoes in camo and they're so perfect. Guys, I cannot stress enough how comfortable they are. Like, I forget they are on my feet. 

This week I also talked about my thoughts on masks and a few podcasts I'm listening to lately


  1. Im bring picky with what im watching too. Its weird. Now that I'm dobe with Away, I started dynasty awhile ago and its trash but addicting.

  2. Ok fine. I will check out the shoes at Walmart. Sheesh :)

  3. Look at us twinning with camo shoes :)
    Wasnt that Challenger documentary so good. I literally was teary eyed & also screaming - YOU IDIOT to the jerks that were still like, "i'd still make the same decision" WHATTTTTTTTTTTT

  4. The Challenger documentary on Netflix was so, so good. I was a year and half old when it happened. I was really enraged by portions of it. Basically NASA murdered 7 people.

  5. I enjoyed watching The Challenger documentary. It gave so much insight to what actually happened. I was v young when it happened and I vaguely remember it happening, when I was in 2nd grade, we did talk about it a bit and they gave us remembrance posters. (This was quite a few years after it happened)


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