August 26, 2020

What's Up Wed.

 I rarely do this link-up anymore, but it seemed like a good catch-all for all that I didn't have a desire to write separate posts about...

What we're eating...

This is food from over the last week, not necessarily what we're eating this week. 

I set food out for Wells a few times a day. He sits and eats when he's hungry. He's a busy little thing. 

We grilled on Saturday. I'm slowly compiling a list of "feeding a crowd" meals (a la Lazy Genius) and I think that my warm-weather foods are Black Bean Salsa and watermelon. 

If you mix La Croix with moscato and fresh lime, it equals a perfect spritzer. 

 This is the Indian cookbook we use every so often.Scott made all of this last week. Dal and curried eggplant/tomatoes. We bought the naan but you can totally make your own. (By the way, it's shocking how much time I used to willingly spend in the kitchen before I had a kid.)

What I'm reminiscing about...

School starting. I miss it so much that I actually ache. However, knowing that this is a weird year and knowing that, if Wells was school-age, I would probably be choosing to homeschool this year anyway, lessens that feeling. 

I would 100% send him to school if I knew he'd get a good experience out of it. But if the school randomly shut down or if it was one of those 1 day in the classroom/4 days virtual at home situations, it wouldn't be worth it. 

Call me a horrible person, but I don't want him to be subjected to fear-based learning:

(that's a great carpet, tho)

and/or subjected to a schedule like THIS, while sitting in front of a computer all day:

^That's a kindergarten virtual-learning schedule. I understand it because I spent years writing lesson plans. Someone who has no interest in lesson plans or a parent who has a job cannot be expected to keep up with this. It's awful, guys. 

This is one of those situations where I would just rather do it myself.

I have super strong feelings about how kids NEED to be in school right now. Some people have the time and the energy and the resources to set up awesome remote-learning environments (like this). The majority of parents do not. Kids need what the classroom can provide when it comes to security, routine, and the teacher her/himself. 

What I'm loving...

Our friends came to visit with their baby over the weekend. Wells just loved him that baby. 

Then he decided her stuff was his stuff, so...

What we've been up to...

I got my hair cut. Though I realllllllly miss longer hair, I knew I had to get layers put in to get my hair to the long layers I want. It's too thick to have one length. I'm pretty thrilled that this stylist listened to me and took her time, unlike the ones I've been to over the last year in Pittsburgh. It's all Great Clips because I'm pretty low-maintenance but I appreciated this experience. 

What I'm dreading...

Something we have to do in the next month is set up our medical care. I hate navigating this part of being at a new base. It's even worse because of coronavirus and the fact that childcare is so limited I can't just drop Wells off for hourly care. We still don't know Scott's schedule. We do need to get well-checks and appointments for flu shots and a dermatologist appointment somewhere in there. Ugh. Oh and the dentist. Again, it's just hard to think about scheduling appointments when Scott doesn't even have a schedule yet. 

What I'm working on...

I'm doing the Chloe Ting 2-Week Shred. I cannot recommend it enough. I have about 4 days left. The soreness fades after day 3, so stick with it if you're prone to delayed-muscle soreness. I've read the instructions multiple times but can't seem to get if I'm supposed to do every workout every day, or one workout a day? So I'm just mixing-and-matching and doing two a day. Still only takes about 25 minutes!

I'm looking for other quick-ish programs. Meaning, less than 30 minutes a day because my attention span is short. Recommendations? 

What I'm excited about...

Fall. Just the idea of leaves starting to turn is exciting. Spring/summer have been incredibly dull, and I say that as someone who moved halfway across the country in June. I can't imagine what all y'all who've stayed in one place feel like. 

What I'm watching...

We watched Palm Springs the other night (Hulu). Really good! I like that it's kind of a fresh idea, compared to most of the comedies that are out there. I'm in this place where I truly do feel like, because of pandemic precautions, all productions have been shut down and we're going to have nothing to watch at some point. 

Also, we've been watching the RNC. We start so many shows, get 15 minutes in, and then stop. I'm constantly in need of recommendations. It's a "problem". 

What I'm reading...

I just finished The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica and I'm reading You're Not Enough (and that's okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love by Allie Stuckey. I am struggling with non-fiction though. Like I'm really trying to get too much out of it. Devouring something thriller-ish is so much easier right now. 

Also, reading The Guest List by Lucy Foley, but I just started it last night. 

What I'm listening to...

The usual suspects. 

What I'm wearing...

Not high-waisted shorts. 

What I'm doing this weekend...

It's really up in the air. It's supposed to be 88 degrees so probably just more of the same. We're still unpacking the basement boxes, so more of that. 

What I'm looking forward to next month... 

FALL! fAlL! FaLl! I couldn't get any more basic about it at this point so whatever. I'm embracing it. Also, anything below 90 degrees would be lovely. 

What else is new...

I found myself ordering Wells new shoes late last night. His Natives are getting too tight :( 
I don't know where his big feet came from, to be honest. I'm hoping these fit. 
If not, back to Target they go. 

(Also, I once believed that people who used dark mode on their phone were some kind of monsters, but now I love it. I have it automatically switch at sunset and sunrise and it really is a nice marker to what time of day it is.)

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  1. Have you watched Imposters on Netflix? Oh man. It's so good.

  2. Keith and I have commented that we are ok with not having kids to make that decision for this year. Just hypothetically speaking its hard to make one.

  3. Wells is so cute with the baby! I did the Chloe Ting 2 week challenge a few months ago. You are supposed to do between 2 and 4 workouts back to back each day. Here is the schedule But I say do what is working for you!

  4. I have strong feelings about distance learning and hybrid schedules. It’s such a mess. Gracie could absolutely not handle 8 hours in front of a screen all day. Homeschool kindergarten takes an hour, and she spends the rest of the day playing outside and doing crafts. Even if I had been planning to put her in school, this situation would’ve made me homeschool. Kids need normalcy and routine.


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